The Wishful Writer

I am the Wishful Writer and I blog.

About all kinds of things.

Like...I drink copious amounts of diet coke.

I have an amazing girlfriend and a guitar I can't play.

Her name is Bettye Ruth. My guitar, not my girlfriend.

Her name is April. I have an aunt that gets crazy when she drinks and a cowgirl hat that makes me feel ten feet tall and bullet proof. One day I want to be famous writer girl. And to live in a place where my trashy 20-year old neighbor doesn’t pull his Mustang onto the front lawn to unload his gaggle of kids.

For now, Apes and I live just outside of DC with our three dawgs. We all co-exist quite well as long as I don’t get in between the dogs and their bones and my girlfriend and her need to compulsively tidy up the house.

She and I are polar opposites. I throw shit everywhere. She folds, color co-ordinates, stamps and notarizes every article of clothing we own. I think details are over-rated. She can’t make a decision without logging at least a week of PHD-level research on her options.

But our relationship works. And makes for some pretty hilarious commentary.

April is not my “muse,” she’s my A-muse….

And I’m thankful for her and our life together every day.

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