American Idol: Where are all the lesbians?

Ok, I admit it, I'm an American Idol fan. There, are you happy? Now, as this Season enters into the Top 10, it's really getting down to crunch-time. For the past few years, both Lesberada and I have followed American Idol pretty religiously and we've noticed the lack of lesbians that make it on the show. What's up with that, anyway? I mean, I'm sure there have been a fair shair of dykes that have made their way out to the auditions, and the question remains, are lesbians just not talented when it comes to singing? This, I highly doubt.

I think Fox, in their infinite conservatism (if that's even a word), has managed to find a loop-hole and fail to cast lesbians on the show, and even if this happens, you know they don't get any screen time. Haven't the producers seen the L Word? Don't they know that the Lesbian community is chalk full of viewers who will tune in loyally if they know a fellow lezzie is on the show. Or, maybe it's some kind of conspiracy where Fox forces anyone from the GLBT community to sign a disclaimer and remain closeted during their tenure on the show. I've noticed that any remotely flamboyant gay boy almost never makes it past the first few episodes. Am I the only one that has taken notice to the latent homophobia that is running rampant at Fox studios?

With that I will let you draw your own conclusions, and take this time to express my regret in learning that Gina Glocksen is straight. In the beginning I was hopeful, and even convinced, that a dyke (and a cute one at that) had finally made it further than the first episode on AI. With her rockerish look, edgy hairstyle and spunky personality I was really pulling for her as a member of the all girls team. My Gaydar, which is rather fine-tuned, has failed me. Or has it? Maybe, just maybe, she really is truly a lezzie and the producers have forced her to remain closeted. I mean, what would America think if they found out a gay person had talent? Imagine the horror that would ensue!! A lesbian with real singing abilities - no record label would want a part of that.

So now I must plead to all the vocally talented Lesbians of America (and that does NOT include me) to unite and take charge during the next round of American Idol. Show those judges that Lesbians can kick pop music's ass more than straight boring guys like Taylor Hicks or Rubben Stoddard. Let's get some pride back in the Idol contest and let our true colors shine!

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Anonymous said...

I wish she were a lesbian too...I quite fancy her =)...Honestly though...I think she might be bi...theres just something about her...I dont know...I wish her the best of luck though!