Workout's Jackie Finally Ditches Crazy

For anyone that tuned into last year's Season 1 you might have noticed that about 75% of the drama on the show was based around Jackie and Mimi's rather f-ed up relationship. First, Mimi is a raving psychopath and there's no other way to put it. That woman has some serious issues, and why Jackie stuck around for 5 years is beyond me. Now, although I missed the Season Premier of the second season, I did catch the latest episode last night and was thrilled to learn that Jackie had ditched crazy Mimi and put herself back on the market. Jackie is totally going to get herself into hot water if she continues flirting with a certain straight trainer that works for her. And although Mimi's gone, I have a feeling she's going to be back on the show real soon, being all crazy and making us normal lesbians look bad. I mean, how can people not assume that lesbian relationships are not screwed up with the constant drama between Mimi and Jackie? Jackie, girl, you're making us look bad. Let's get you into a nice, normal relationship with someone that's mentally stable. I'll be tuning in with bated breath.

Check out the Season 1 Finale preview to get a taste of just how crazy Mimi is.


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