Homeless in LA...

Well, Lesberada and I have arrived in LA after a very exciting 7 day journey cross-country. We are currently crashing with various friends and family until we can find an apartment. We spent the day driving around looking at neighborhoods and apartments today in the LA area. We actually got lost in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood and I almost got runover by 17 different types of Mercedes Benz. People in CA drive like it's their last day on Earth, and this is coming from a true "Masshole". Man, I thought Boston was bad!! Anywho, I will provide more updates when possible, but internet access is limited until further notice. Look for pictures of our trip, coming soon!!



deb said...

Love that pic. In LA? I can't wait to read more about your experiences in LA.

het (aka quickfit) said...

hey hey, looking forward to the road trip piccies

ciao4now xx

Ann Marie said...

Been lovin your website and always comin back to see what's new!! I'm hangin out for the road trip pix :)Hope u settlin in to LA ok..Have fun!

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