Leisha Haley's new band "Uh Huh Her"

Alice is my favorite L Word character, hands down, so when I stumbled across this funny video of Leisha Haley's new band "Uh Huh Her" I got more excited than a kid in a candy store. If you get a chance, go to their Myspace page and listen to their new song "Say So". I quite enjoyed it and I think you will too. I hope they will tour sometime in the near future, although it appears that the band is still in its infancy. You can be sure I'll be keeping tabs on their progress and keeping you all updated as well. Rock on!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Leisha is the best actress and hottie on the L Word:) WOOHOOO!!!
-Andrea :oP

Anonymous said...

yeah i woud totally love to be with her if i had the chance but i think shane and carmen are extremmly hot too