GayOL, here I come

Well folks, it's official. AOL, or should I say GayOL, is down with the GLBT folks like whoa. They've come across my big old gay blog and asked me write for their big old gay blog as well. What is their big old gay blog, you ask? It's QueerSighted and it's awesome. If you aren't an avid reader already, then you should navigate your little world wide web right over there and get your GayOL read on (just wait, it'll catch on). So from now on, I will be sharing all my perfectly hilarious insights and all of my infinite wisdom on not one, but two, gay blogs. Of course Lesbiatopia will still be my lovechild, but you can catch me on QueerSighted more times than you can shake a stick at George W Bush. In other words, about 5 times a week.You can read the official annoucement here and don't forget to check out my bio, and leave me some love in the form of written commentary. Oh yeah, and props to AOL for bringing the big fabulous world of gays into their own world. It's one thing to be a big Corporation and "cater to the GLBT community" but it's another thing to actually get down and dirty with the Gay Community. I can't wait to get down with GayOL and hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Meow!

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