I admit it, I miss TV

Well, I've been in CA now for 12 days, and Lesberada and I finally found an apartment this weekend that didn't look like something out of Westside Story or Rent. I was actually starting to get used to living the life of a nomad, but I have to say, it feels nice to have a place to finally call home. Plus, the cats were getting annoyed that they didn't have a permanent place to put their litter box. Now that we have our own apartment, complete with palm trees and an in ground pool, we have access to television but alas! no TV. On top of that, my dear computer of 6 years bit the dust last night when I tried to turn it on. If it wasn't for work and my ability to access the outside world via the internet, I would be completely and utterly lost. Well, for the most part I still am. I mean, how is a girl to survive without Television? I MISSED the American Idol that Ellen hosted (I hang my head in shame), along with my other favorite shows like House, The Office, and others that I can't even remember because it's been so long!!

On the flip side, I'm enjoying the fact that our new apartment is 5 minutes from the beach and subsequently, some really fantastic surf spots. I was able to get into the water on Sunday morning for about 3 hours and had some fabulous runs. I saw a documentary once on LOGO called Curl Girls and I have to wonder, where are the lesbian surfers at?? I'm a newbie in town, so all you gay surfer chicks, holla atcha girl!!! Seriously though, I need to get me some friends like asap, I'm starting to have anxiety from lack of social contact, not that I don't love hanging out with my girlfriend 24/7, but we could use some friends to hit up WeHo (see I'm already down with the lingo) and check out the dyke scene. I welcome anyone to be our friends, especially famous people like Leisha Haley and Kate Moennig. I am now currently accepting applications for friendship. Apply within.

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