I Say My Own Name In Bed

I sometimes think my life emulates a badly made Farrelly Brother's comedy and no, I don't masturbate a lot. I am actually the result of a same-sex, same-name relationship. My name is Renee and my girlfriend's name is also Renee.

I think the whole same-name relationship phenomena occurs much more frequently in same-sex couples (for obvious reasons) than in heterosexual ones, although I have yet to meet another couple who shares the same name like we do. I have heard stories, though. There's always someone whose friend's brother's cousin's uncle's mechanic is dating a guy who has the same name. You know how to old story goes.

People always ask us, "Is it weird to have the same name?" and the answer is "Yes and No". When we first met, which was through online, I was excited at how much we had in common and how cute she was. We had such a great connection, I didn't even give the same name thing much thought. When you think about it, you don't generally address people by their first names very often when in engaged in casual conversation. I think the most entertaining part of it all is introducing ourselves (or being introduced) to other people. I have never in my life received such a veritable range of reactions and/or facial expressions from the introductory party. If I had a nickel for every time someone said, "wait...what were your names??" I'd be a very rich girl.

Our friends/family have come up with an array of obnoxious nicknames to rectify the rather awkward situation: Renee 1 and 2, Reneesquared (thanks Mom), Benee (for blonde Renee), "your girlfriend", Blondie and Red, Renee-to-the-second-power, and my favorite, Mary Ellen. This all doesn't change the fact that we both still turn when our name is called. And if we ever get married? Well, neither of us could adopt the other's last name without literally becoming the same person.

I think the worst part of all is that horrible 1960's song by Left Banke "Just Walk Away Renee" which somehow seems to come to everyone's mind when they hear our name. It's bad enough we have the same name, but you're not making it any better when you and 6 of your friends chyme in to a round of this overly annoying song (I might be biased, but still). In case you've never heard it, here's a horrible YouTube video of the original.

All in all, at the end of the day, I don't see Renee as the girl with the same name as me, but as my partner, my equal. Have we tried yelling each other's names out in bed? Sure; it always gets us a good laugh.

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dubbs said...

I like that song. I really really do.