Music's in the Air

I have been asked to contribute to this blog and write about one of my favourite things; music. I have never written about music before so this could be interesting.

I have scrawled the names of my favourite band on school books, bags and bus shelters but I don't think that counts. I've permanently (I hope)marked toilet walls with my favorite lyrics and inked my arms with band logos' but that was a while ago now. I have carefully penned song lists for homemade compilations, the bedroom floor carpeted with album sleeves and me rushing eagerly to and from the pause button but the scrawls on my beautiful tape covers of yester-decade just won't cut it. I've jotted down the names of new albums I want to buy so that the next time I walk into a record shop and instantly forget the name of every artist I've ever liked I don't leave clutching 'The Queen is Dead' (again), but I'm guessing shopping lists are a bit of a cop-out.

So I've written because of music more than once but never about it; let's rock'n'roll. I can't guarantee I'm going to any good but I'll just waffle on about what I like and hope I introduce you to some new sounds which may rock your world the way they have mine. Music makes the world go round. Thank you for the Music.

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Lesberita said...

Music does makes the world go round, and I, for one, am looking forward to your infinite music wisdom and offerings to those of us who can never have enough good albums in our collection!