My Newest Little Rescue

Ever since I was a little girl growing up, my family has always been a big fan of rescuing animals. Cats, rabbits, birds, mice, lizards, you name it. If it had four legs and was in need of a home, than our home was the place to be. Now, 25 years later, living on my own and I am still rescuing animals.

Last October, my girlfriend and I rescued two cats who were living at a shelter. Baby and Buddha came to be their names and they were the cutest kitties we had ever seen. Buddha had been found at 8 weeks old, wandering by himself in a cemetary, which is clearly no place for a kitten. Baby, along with her 5 other litter mates, were dumped at the shelter anonymously, at only 5 weeks of age. Luckily, they were the cutest little balls of furr ever and everyone that passed through wanted to take one of them home. Baby stared up at me with this sad little eyes and that cute little face just said, "I'm small and vulnerable and need a good home". I scooped her up and held her and the rest of history.

Fast forward to a year later, and I have my newest little rescue on my hands. Enter Little Caesar, an 8 week old Teacup Chihuahua who was left outside in LA in a box to die. Luckily, a friend found him and asked if we could take him (she was allergic). Of course my girlfriend and I gladly accepted and we took the little guy home. Soon after, we can to realize that the poor little thing was covered, I mean COVERED, in fleas and ticks. Than I noticed his health seemed to be rapidly going down hill. We took him to the vet to have him checked out and they determined that because of all the ticks he had, he was extremely anemic. In fact, the vet said his red blood cell count was only at 8% (a normal dog's is 30%) and she had never seen a dog alive with an RBC count so low. They suggested a blood transfusion might work, and luckily one of the vet techs dogs was a donor dog.

Little Caesar had his first blood transfusion and came home that night. With lots of rest, hourly feedings and some crazy amounts of TLC, he seemed to be doing better. After a few days though, he seemed to be losing his strength. He wasn't as playful, refused to eat and could barely hold his head up. We had to force-feed him a puppy formula for several days, and he seemed to be losing the battle. I feared the worst. We took him back to the vet and they decided to try one more blood transfusion. They explained if it didn't work this time, than there was probably little home for him. My heart ached for the poor little guy, but I knew he was a fighter because he had made it this far and had already been through so much. They gave him the second transfusion and told his to give him lots of food, rest and TLC again when he came home.

After a day of rest, it seemed like the transfusion really worked because LC was more active than I've ever seen him! It's been two weeks now, and I'm happy to report that he has chewed every shoe in the apartment, chased after Baby and Buddha, played fetch with his favorite chew toy, and even barked when he thought someone was breaking in (it was only me coming home from work). He joins me at work several times a week where he keeps the office bright and cheery with his cute little personality. And he has a personal vendetta against his teddy bear, but it's really quite adorable to see a 1 pound puppy trying to rip it's head off. Oh yeah, and he loves wearing his little hooded sweatshirt (taken from a stuffed animal at Toys R Us).

And there you have it, the story from my newest little rescue. Videos of him chasing the cats coming soon...

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

Aww so your babies are cute....