-- dedicated to RZ

Tick tock
Lip lock
I want to get home
and throw you on top
of the bed, the counter,
the couch and the stairs
I want to undress you
And mess up your hairs
Let’s go to our den
And then when we’re done
We’ll repeat our affairs
And have some more fun

Tick tock
Lip lock
I’m thinking about you
and I just can’t stop
Undressing your body
With my eyes and my mind
While sitting at work
Wasting valuable time
You’re driving me crazy
And you’re not even here
But I’m letting you know
That I’m being sincere

Tick tock
Lip lock
Time’s moving backwards
my jaw’s gonna drop
on the chair, then the floor
My quick thrusty hips
are headed straight for the door
to see you, let’s rendezvous
How ‘bout a ride?
in my car, with my thighs
Pressed against
Your sweet prize

Tick tock
Lip lock
Only 2 more hours
When will it stop?
Got this crazy feeling
In my heart and my soul
It’s a love explosion
And I’m ready to roll
This love’s on fire
And I’m about to roam
right into your arms
Baby, I’m comin’ home


For Va Jay Jays Only said...

just wanted to let you know...i'm so happy you all are back...great job

HillBilly said...

i love this!


That's hot.