10 things to remember

1) You never know what you might get out of someone just by saying, "My birthday's in 2 weeks."
2) I'm pretty sure Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin are the same person.
3) Rum Punch is always a good idea...actually ANYTHING PUNCH is always a good idea. And punch is a great word in general.
4) Dollar coins...completely useless.
5) We need 325 different brands of energy drinks to counteract the 329 different kinds of hyperactivity meds. Or maybe vice versa.
6) Fruity Pebbles smell really good.
7) Anyone who buys a bookmark or paperweight lacks imagination.
8) It would suck to be blind but imagine the liberty you'd have to TOUCH everything.
9) You can totally make someone's day with a tropical drink umbrella accessory.
10) Most doors are accessible as long as you've got a hammer.
thank you.
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Paula the Surf Mom said...

Yeah... every time I go to the post office and they give me change....dollar coins... I think its like some kind of government conspiracy

adam said...

Wow Paula! I love what you've done to the template!!! Do you mind if I feature you in an upcoming post?

Paula the Surf Mom said...

No go right a head Adam.

adam said...

Awesome! Hopefully I'll get around to it sometime this week! Cheers.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Thanks Adam

Lesberita said...

I think you're onto something with the whole Andy Dick/Kathy Griffin same-identity theory. Let's investigate this further.

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