7 thoughts over the holiday weekend...

-- dubbs!

1) Oranjeboom is my new favorite thing. Oh Holland, how your Dutch language with cool names and tasty beer THRILLS me! I really must visit sometime soon!

2) I'm really really really really not a dog person. After taking a poo bag in my car for a ride around the block due to a near-miss ticket for being parked on street sweeping day, a smashed hand in a metal gate due to an unruly and surprisingly strong pair of dogs running in opposite directions while I had an unfortunate angle on those leashes...after definitely touching canine fecal matter which grossed me out to the point of me hand-washing with Clorox clean-up wipes, and after buttons were chewed off my fabulous Thanksgiving Day sweater in a totally non-sexual situation, I can no longer even TRY to be a dog person. I cannot see even the SLIGHTEST joy derived from these animals who do nothing but keep you from living your life to the fullest because you have to make sure you go home and let them out to poo, and then HOORAY you get to clean up after them. And they can't feed themselves either, so you're stuck doing that for them too. Might as well have KIDS! And you can't just LEAVE food out because they're stupid and don't know when they are full and will eat until they are dead. And even after they did eat everything you've put in front of them, they'll STILL want your mint chocolate pudding and stare you down from a couch cushion away like you are Hitler for not sharing your mint chocolate pudding with them (chocolate would also kill them, but they are too stupid to know this). Sorry people, keep your mangy mutts away from me unless they are EXTREMELY disciplined and EXTREMELY cute. That whole ugly-cute thing won't even work on me anymore.

3) This weekend I invented half and half and half...you figure out how.

4) I'm relatively certain that 2 gunshots were fired across the street from my apartment on Friday night at roughly 1 am. I only got to the window to see a man get brutally tossed to the ground and cuffed as about 15 police cruisers roared up in less than 6 seconds. See, who needs TV?

5) That green bean casserole was DELISH. Once I found the elusive "french fried onions" (well, what aisle would YOU put them in?) the rest just fell into place.

6) I've never been a fan of Trader Joe's, but the "Chinese Mustard" flavored wonton chips are AMAZING, albeit a little racist.

7) All I want for Christmas is to never hear that Mariah Carey song, "All I Want for Christmas" again. After 327 days of Christmas-free musical entertainment, I heard it this morning at 7-11, and that's one too many times for me.

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Lesberita said...

What about Caesar? You love him right? He's not even like a dog.

p.s. I'm the one making the phantom formatting changes on your blog. muahahaha!

dubbs said...

Thank you...I wasn't adamant about using Trebuchet anyway.

I will heart Caesar (tea cup chihuahua) when he uses the toilet and can open his own can of Pedigree.

Ok fine, I love Caesar. I'm not made of stone, people.

Anonymous said...

God, I'm so with you on the dog thing! But my partner has 2... and, so - by default - I have 2. That's how that goes. I love them because you kind of have to - I mean they look at you with the big brown eyes and all. But, I can't tell you how much I wish she was a cat person. (big sigh)