Sex and the City, The Movie Plus My Plot Prediction

Strap on your Monolo Blahniks and grab your Birkin bags, the 'Sex and the City' movie is scheduled to start filming this fall and will be in Theaters May 30, 2008. Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall are set to reprise their roles from the popular HBO series. The much-anticipated movie will be the joint effort of HBO and New Line Cinema.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm about as gay as they come. I might as well dye my hair rainbow and march around all day with my own gay pride parade, but that's besides the point. Despite being a lesbian, 'Sex and the City' is by far one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Even though the show centered around four straight women, I was inevitably drawn to the quick-witted dialog, relatable characters and the unflinching portrayal of human quirkiness and self-destructive risk-taking behaviors. Plus, the show provides more one-liners than Stephen Colbert after a State of the Union address.

And of course there are the gays. 'Sex and the City', despite having mostly heterosexual themes, never once ignored the gay population. There were Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marentino, two fully developed gay male characters whose presence remained constant throughout the entire series, including full-fledged relationships, fashion and dating advice, and gay-boy drama. And of course there was Samantha, a self proclaimed "Tri-sexual" (she'll try anything once) who dated a latin woman for several episodes. Miranda pretended to be a lesbian to advance her career and Carrie kissed Alanis Morissette during a risque session of spin-the-bottle. The 'Sex and the City' characters have always shown depth and open-mindedness which is what made the show so incredible to watch, even as a gay woman.

What does the movie have in store for us? Well, there is little known on what direction the movie's plot will take, but there are questions that lingered in fans minds when the series ended: Are Carrie and Mr Big still together? Did Charlotte adopt a baby from China? How is Miranda doing as a Mommy? Did Samantha actually commit to a monogamous relationship? With so many things still up in the air, it seemed inevitable that a 'Sex' movie was sure to come (no pun intended). It is long awaited, but I know that the shows fans are ready and waiting with baited breath.

How I would like to see the movie go: Big and Carrie are still together. She makes him go to therapy to deal with his monogamy issues and then they get married and become Mr. and Mrs. Big. They buy a brownstone in the Upper East Side and Carrie changes her column to "Married in the City (and Still Having Sex)". Charlotte and Harry adopt a baby girl from China. When she arrives, it turns out she's a twin and the Goldenblatts find themselves with two babies instead of one. They name them Yin and Yang and Charlotte starts a support group for Park Avenue Stay-At-Home Moms. Samantha and the super-sexy Jerry "Smith" Jerrod start a porn film company called "Full Moon Productions" and decide to write, direct and star in the first movie ", which turns into a huge success. Miranda comes to the realization (once again) that her attraction to Steve is platonic when she has a hot affair with her nanny, played by Bridget Moynahan (Big's ex). They move in together a week later and Miranda fully comes out of the closet and files an amicable divorce with Steve, who later turns out to be gay himself. They all live happily ever after in their blissful state (of New York).

What are your 'Sex and the City' movie predictions??

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