Wilde about Olivia

If you remember back to Season 2 of The OC, which was pretty much the only season I ever watched, there was a small plot twist that featured Mischa Barton's character developing a crush and even entering into a relationship with another girl. This hot blonde rocker chick (who I had never seen before) was pretty much the only reason why I watched The OC in the first place and let me tell ya, she was the hottest thing I'd seen on TV in a while. Now, normally I don't go ga-ga over girls on the big screen. To me, a girl's brains are usually the sexiest, but there was something about this new girl that made me feel like a 13-year-old at a Good Charlotte concert. I found out her name was Olivia Wilde and I had never seen her before. Who was she? Where did she come from? Was she going to be the hot new face in Hollywood? I had to know!

Unfortunately, The OC got lame as most of those types of shows do, and Olivia was written out of the script when Mischa Barton's character decided to go back to guys. Apparently, Hollywood thinks that being a Lesbian is conditional and with such lameness moving forward, I stopped watching the show... for good.

Fast forward to several years later (circa now), and I started to wonder... whatever happened to that hot lesbian that was on The OC?? I hadn't seen her in anything else and was saddened to think that maybe the show was her one-time debut in Hollywood.

And then...

I was recently watching the new season of HOUSE because that show rocks my socks off. I noticed one of the new doctors vying for a spot on House's team was an incredibly sexy brunette who looked oddly familiar...

I hopped on the computer and Googled the guest stars for the new season and sure enough there was my dream boat...Olivia Wilde. And this time around, she's playing a super smart, super sexy doctor whose on top of her game and doesn't put up with Dr. House's BS either. I was loving every minute of it. She's known on the show only as #13, penned by House himself, as a reference to her position in the group of 30 original doctors applying for a spot on House's new team. Now, as the season has progressed, #13 is one of four left (after last night's episode) in the race to make House's top 3 spots.

As I layed down my head to rest at 10pm PST last night, I prayed to whatever God existed to please let Olivia Wilde make it onto House's new team so that her wit, intelligence and beauty will grace the shows presence for many an episode to come. A girl doesn't ask for much, really, but seriously, this would make the show super top notch in my eyes.

Here is a clip from House, featuring #13 and a patient who has the incredible ability to mirror the true personality of the person in the room with him. House brings #13 in so he can catch a glimpse of who #13 really is, but unfortunately, it backfires on him quite a bit in a rather humorous way. Enjoy!

And now I just have one more question for all my Olivia Wilde fans:
do you like her better as a blonde or a brunette??

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dubbs said...

She's pretty hot...I know I wouldn't kick her out of MY bed, that's for sure!

thewishfulwriter said...

So many comments...here's my list:

1. When she was on the OC, i refused to do anything but sit on my couch and breath. I was hooked. And heartbroken when the writers gave all the fundies ammo when it was just a "phase". Blah. Maybe it's because I haven't been to a camp to save myself from lesbianism, but I don't think i'm a gonna change...

2. I love house. And by LOVE, I mean I might could do him.

shit. maybe it IS a phase....

no. no. i just love his mind.


Paula the Surf Mom said...

whooooo... ;) me likey

dubbs said...

I liked her in the OC, and that was probably the only episode of the OC I ever saw and I only saw it b/c any time lesbians are on TV all the lesbians know about it.


Cash said...

I'm not a lesbian (being a guy and all) but she'd make me one.

You didn't use the most jaw droppingly great picture of her ever. I can't seem to get it to post in this comment, so it is here: http://www.scienceandsupermodels.com/2006/08/07/the-science-of-freak-magnets/

Renee Gannon said...

Cash, that picture definitely wins the hotness award. Thanks, I needed that. :)