You Can't Pull the Wool Over Our Eyes

Even though I'm the "Editor-in-Chief" I sometimes feel like Paula's wingman when it comes to Lesbiatopia, especially in regards to matters of homophobia and sticking up for what's right when it matters the most.

Although I have been relatively quiet through this whole "Digg" ordeal, that does not mean I have not felt strongly about it. oh contraire! And let me tell you, I will not let these people pull the proverbial wool over our eyes.

I think, whatever Digg thinks they have up their sleeve, is absolutely unacceptable and I fully believe that actions should (and will) be taken to get to the bottom of this. I know if we can all band together, especially the blogs that have also been prohibited from bookmarking their articles, than I think we can make a fine example of Diggs rude and overly misogonistic fascist forms of censorship.

Had I known they were a company like this, I would not have submitted to the likes of their ways from the very beginning, but you live and you learn and the one thing I've learned is that when something like this happens, you do NOT (I repeat DO NOT) sit back and do nothing.

The GLBT community has come so far in this day and age. I am a firm believer that social justice, grass roots lobbying and full media exposure will one day give ALL members of the GLBT community the full rights they deserve - all the way from marriage down to the freedom to post gay and lesbian-themed content on various websites without the fear that they will come under or attack or be removed for "pornographic" reasons.

Being a lesbian has nothing to do with pornography, and as much as the straight heterosexual world would like to think that it does, the two are actually very different. Lesbian sex is not a product of entertainment for the straight hetero world, and our choice to include in-depth articles regarding lesbian sex is 1) not for the purpose of providing pornographic material and 2) is certainly not for the pleasure and excitement of straight men.

We have offered a category called "Sex" because we feel sex education in the lesbian community is not only lacking, but it's so privy to silence that young lesbian women looking for answers to many of their sex-related questions, have no where to go. We want to be that resource that provides answers to questions about safe and healthy sex education.

In regards to our sex articles, I have even requested that Paula, our resident Sexpert, only post her sex-related articles on the weekends to keep any explicit material to "weekend reading only". If people, especially the people at Digg, had actually taken the time to read not only our articles, but also our purpose, they would see that Lesbiatopia is as far from a pornographic blog that it can be. I think our readers and writers will both agree with me on that.

So in conclusion, no we will not sit back and do nothing about this situation, but at the same time, a silly little website run by some immature gentleman, is NOT going to stop Lesbiatopia from having from the best, most fun and interesting lesbian blogs that can be found on the web.

Stay tuned, because as I always say: "The best is yet to come!"

The list of banned continues:
- Cap’n Dyke
- Just a Girl in Short Shorts
- Lesbiatopia
- A Gay parenting blog on Parents.com

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girl2grl said...

I wanted to see for myself what was going on at Digg.com...so I went to their site and did a search for Lesbiatopia...I was suprised to see that your articles and website are still coming up on their search. I am wondering if that was a fluke, or if it is because they are older articles??? Did they sent you an email saying your blog was going to be banned from their site? Or is their an actual list of banned sites?

I have experienced my own issues with Blog Catalogs not wanting to add my lesbian blog to their list, so I realize that the homophobia is sadly still out there and I back you up %110 to fight any homophobia online or off. I just want to be sure about the details before I start writing letters to Digg, or anyone else for that matter.

Thank you


Paula the Surf Mom said...

There are only a couple of articles left on Digg and one is not even on this site...it on the Queen of the Surf pirates site, my surfing blog and that is because they were not submitted by me but by other people... abut if you try to digg an article from this site it will not let you...

and no, noone said anything to us... we just could not submit any more article and our accounts were deactivated...

To date all E mail asking Digg what is the problem have been ignored by Digg as have the e mails sent by Becky from a Girl in Short Shorts.

Becky C. said...

They are really being pretty obvious about this. I could not believe the banning of Capn' Dyke--well I could not believe it when I was banned--since my blog is most a cultural and political blog with readers across the orientation, gender and political spectrum. I\The blog might be exclusively lesbian content 20 percent of the time--not counting my propensity to post a cute girl whenever it is tangentially relevant:)

I will do what I can. This needs to get to the mainstream pres-- the gay press, especially in San Francisco.

And another group (and this probably surprises some of you) that might jump in are conservatives. There have long been complaints on the right that due to the leftist bent at Digg they have been buried.

I will do what I can. Will fit in what I can right now between entertaining my parents and the kids during Christmas, but after that I will have more time to bitch and be annoying.


thewishfulwriter said...

Very well written and I couldn't agree more...had anyone at Digg taken the time to figure out the purpose of Paula's articles were NOT to sastisfy the whims of perverted straight men, they themselves might have been educated about WHY this type of post is relevant.

Paula, I applaud you and your efforts and wanted to be on record for that.

cGt2099 said...

Great article, and many kudos to you and your crew. I was permanently banned from Digg earlier this year, and certainly have no compassion for Mr. Rose and his petty little social empire of 12-year-old virgins.

This is the first I've heard of your site, and found this post via Mixx.com. Great work. Keep it up.

Screw bigots and their prejudicial ignorance.

Chris said...

I just found this via Mixx. I have an account on Digg, but rarely ever post anything because the crowd there reeks of misogynists. And of course, there is the issue of homophobia.

I already knew how female-unfriendly the site could be but this is truly appalling.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Thank for stopping by and thanks for the comments and thanks so much for the support