Crazies of the Westboro Baptist Church

Recently Heath Ledger star of Broke Back Mountain died in his SOHO apartment in New York City. The young stars lost is felt by many. In times if ill fate most of us try to make sense out of situations that have no definitive lesson. Often we take the time and reflect on our own lives and realize it's fragility and take note of the importance of every moment that we have here on earth.

Then there are others who go out of their way to use others times of woe to feed their own sick and disoriented agendas.
If you haven't heard, members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas have stated that:

" it would protest any memorial held for Ledger in the US because the 28-year-old actor supported homosexuals when he played a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain."

This group not only plans to protest Ledger's funeral but,
disgusting excuse for a human being, Shirley Phelps a parishioner and spokesperson for the WBC stated on radio station 2day FM:

" And the other place I plan to protest him is when they prop him up to worship his dead, rotting carcass further at the Oscars. I'll be right out side the red carpet."

(I am at this point speechless and appalled)

Ledgers funeral isn't the only time that this group of Satan's minions has tried to use the rights of free speech and protest wreak havoc on grieving families. Not too long ago the WBC had made headlines when they began protesting outside the private funerals of U.S. fallen soldiers. Why? you have too see it to believe it.

Here are some clips from Fox News for a better understanding of what I call the most hideous display of human indecency that I have ever witnessed.

Clip from Shirley Phelps, Fox News

If you haven't heard enough, I strongly suggest that you check out their website godhatesfags.com... (i think that domain name pretty much speaks for itself.. don't you?)

I have to say that is is extremely disheartening to live in a world where pigs like the members of the WBC use the words of God as an excuse to spread their hate. There are too may people in this world that feel that their beliefs trump all others. If these people were really spreading the word of god they would be trying to comfort others in their time of loss and need; not trying to harm them any further.

I'm not an avid reader of the bible and I don't affiliate myself with any organized religion but I know of a scripture that I've always felt should take precedence over any other

Luke 6:37: "Do Not judge and you will not be judged; and do not condemn and you will not be condemned; pardon and you will be pardoned."

I've always felt that was a good one.

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abbagirl said...


i'm not usually a fan of hannity & colmes. i love the o'reilly factor, but sean hannity is just a major turn-off.

so i'm in disbelief that i am angry and on the same side as mr. hannity.

i can't tell whether that weird lady is just a effing nut job and/or whether she and the sect she belongs to are just out for attention.

either way, her words and her stated beliefs are so heinous, that i'd love the opportunity to just whack her in the face a couple of times.

i'm not fond of religious fanatics, period. and this really demonstrates why.


fattease said...

OH goodness, the talented actor's life was cut short.

why make feelings worst with such bigotry seriously.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

We Gays and Lesbians, are humans created in the image of God, and are also people for whom Jesus died, people who should enjoy the same rights and privileges that all do.

Whether Christians believe homosexuality is a big sin, a little sin, or no sin at all, I think the greatest sin not to stand up for the rights of your neighbors and fellow human beings

Anonymous said...

I don't want to say i hate people who think like this but in reality... i do. What gives anyone the right to say who or what you can be. they don't protest churches because a priest had sex with a child... a boy priest and a boy child... did they try to shut down churches all around the US... no!

church people just need to learn to practice what they preach... the bible has more positive messages of loving all than negative bullshit!

j24deere said...

first of all i have been in the church all of my life, 40 years, man, i'm old. i have read the things on the website for this so called church. in my opinion and only my opinion this is not a church. they don't even need to have church at the end of their name. i know there are christians out there that can be judgemental and think they know everything, they think they will always be right. you can't change them and to be truthful i don't want to be around them. i try not be judemental, lord knows people have done me that way all my life, but i honestly feel like this "church" is sooooo wrong!!!!! so any way thats my thoughts.......

Danielle said...

Something Ironic was just brought to my attention about the WBC..

Their Address.

Westboro Baptist Church
3701 S.W. 12th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66604

notice anything funny about their zip code?

Toni said...

Hello Everyone,

You can easily apply any number of derogatory names to the various members of the Westboro Baptist Church Clan. However the one, I use for their current spokeswomen is especially worthy of mention.

The only name, I can apply to her is HYPOCRITE. This women had a child out of wedlock! She then has the utter gaul to condemn everyone that does the same thing. It is the only subject, I have ever known, when brought up will stop her from talking.

The one question to my knowledge, which has never been asked of her is; "Who is the father?". It would not be the least bit surprising that male is a ranking member of their clan.

In any event, they need to be stopped as soon as possible. I believe the most effective way is to gain control of their money. I am positive they will stop or be slowed down greatly. When Albert Snyder begins to collect on his eleven(11) million dollar judgement.

Everyone please take care!

Paula the Surf Mom said...

My thought concerning these people for sometime has been, "where is the ATF and the FBI with their flame throwing tanks when we really need them".