Lesbians Love Tea

I think it's pretty funny...

when your lesbian friends think the reason you've disappeared is because you've gotten a girlfriend. I mean, I understand the statistical reasoning behind this hypothesis, but when it comes at you in the subject of an e-mail, you've got roll your eyes a little bit and respond accordingly...

"I have a girlfriend? Really?? Where?? I haven't seen her. If you talk to her would you please tell her to take the garbage out?"

I've been sick...honestly! And that brings me to another topic about how quickly you can collect various bags of tea when you're sick and all of your friends are lesbians. Tea is like, the international drink of lesbians. I won't deny that I have 5 different varieties in my own kitchen, but isn't it an interesting and undeniable fact?


PS...when I was looking for images of "tea bags" you have no idea how many pictures of balls came up.


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Acquafortis said...

Well guess what?! I'm drinking tea while I'm reading your post. Yes I do have various brands and mixtures of tea, in the form of tea bags and loose leaf.
I don't know if it is because of my sexual orientation or because of my cultural heritage.
But believe me at 5pm I just crave to sip a cup of warm tea even if is 40C outside.
Loved the flash thing about tea!