The L Word Episode 504: Let's Get This Party Started

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You ain’t kidding Ilene… this party is so started. This week we got introduced to a few new characters and a new hang out called the SheBar. I think all this newness might spell a little trouble for our West Hollywood beauties.

The Kit-inator

After being held up at gun point Kit is taking steps to learn some self defense. She rallies up the girls to take a class at the local... um…self defense class place.

But, Kit still doesn’t feel safe and later checks out some handguns at the corner…um… handgun place.

I’m not a fan of guns and I’ve never even held one, but if I looked as bad ass holding a Smith and Wesson as Kit did I’d totally be sporting that shit. Hopefully she never has to use it, but the l Word has a fantastic way of foreshadowing future occurrences with these types of scenes... well, they also tend to start something and then it vanishes from existence and you sit there wondering “whatever happened to Papi.”

Max, Beyond Transgender Dome

Max posts his pod-cast and Alice isn’t that happy about it. But she decides to let Max have is space on OurChart but “Not with the guest-bians.” I’m gathering beggars can’t be choosers

Later we see Max at SheBar dancing with Tom…Awe, young love. It’s a beautiful thing. But…Did anyone else think they looked super awkward?

“I’m Ready For My Close Up Miss Shecter”

This week Jenny is having a hard time. She’s quitting smoking ( Has anyone seen her smoke before???) and the studio has decided to go with Nickie Stevens as the lead in Lez Girls, whom Jenny doesn’t like. (Drama, drama.)

Adel solves the problem by inviting Nickie to SheBar where she pleads to Jenny for her blessing. Jenny kind of gives in… she is such a sucker for bad acting.

I think that Nickie played the whole “ Its my story” whiney thing a little much. Is she really gay? Or is she toying with Jenny a little? Hmmmmm. Or might our little Adel be playing Jenny a little. I have a gut feeling that someone is fucking with Jenny… I can just feel it.

That wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s about time that Jenny gets knocked off her pedestal a bit.

Three’s Company

Has anyone seen Shane’s vagina because I think she dropped it somewhere.Alice-

Well Alice, this episode she found it!

We know that Shane’s been hitting the gym and doing her best to fend of all the salivating ladies. She’s substituting all her extra sexual energy with food and video games (sounds like some 15 year-old boys that I used to know).

After having hallucinations of naked women at the Planet and hitting on Jenny (what was that all about?) Shane goes to the new SheBar where she meets Dawn Denbo and her “lover” Cindy the owners of the place.

After checking out the scene Shane wants to leave but, Dawn escorts her to the V.I.P. lounge where they have a threesome with Dawn’s “lover” Cindy. (Didn’t see that one coming)

Shane if you really wanted to stay away from drama this was not the way to go… you can’t fuck a couple! What am I going to do with this pimp.

An Officer and a Gentle Dyke

As Tasha’s investigation of homosexual conduct gets underway Alice gets interrogated by two Nazi military Lawyers. When Tasha comes home to find Alice de-gay-i-fying her apartment she becomes enraged that someone would do this to her lady love. She confronts Beech at his place of residence. In a yet another Golden Globe moment Tasha makes her point clear to Beech that he has to be on her side if he is going to represent her.

Later, Beech comes to his senses and has a nice tea visit with the couple.

Now that the icky military situation is under control Tasha and Alice attend an “in the closet” secret celebrity party. Everything is going well until Tasha notices a famous basketball player getting cozy with another man. This peaks Alice’s interest and she takes a picture of them with her cell-phone camera. How annoying!

You would think that Alice would understand the concept of privacy considering the only reason her girlfriend attended the party was because it was a safe heaven for closet gays. I have had enough of Alice… by the way, I vote them the worst dressed gay couple of ’08.

The Kiss Heard Around the Lesbian Bubble

Holy Shit! Those were the first words out of my mouth at the end of the episode as I squeezed my “Hello Kitty” pillow (my mom bought it for me a few years ago, don’t judge). The events leading up to this have been just fantastic.

Last week we got a nice feel of how incompatible Jodi and Bette are on their weekend getaway to the lake. This week we got yet another glimpse of this lustful yet lack-luster relationship.

Bette confronts Jodi for letting a student pretend an attempted suicide in front of a class masked as art. Jodi doesn’t see a problem with the situation and basically gives Bette the brush off. What a bitch! Again I’m on Bette’s side. I just wonder why Bette gives into Jodi so easily… it makes me so fucking frustrated.

Later the couple attends the opening of the SheBar (Which Bette didn’t want to go to but Jodi insisted). After a bit they decided it was lame and wanted to leave but Bette had to stick around to wait for Shane.

As soon as that happened I was like yes! Because I knew Tina was still there and something had to happen… and it did! (I sang that)

Bette wanders around the club looking for Shane. Shane is fucking two chicks in the V.I.P. lounge, so obviously she can’t be found. Bette wanders into a little nook at SheBar to find Tina hiding from Brenda. After a few words Tina gets up to leave and Bette grabs her and they kiss. Awesome!

You might be thinking, “God this girl is such a sap… she so exciting about this kiss” blah blah. Not so much, I could give a shit about the kiss but I love the fact that this might mean the end of Jodi and begin a whole season of fucked up shit… like Bette and Tina sneaking around and over the top emotional breakdowns… that type of stuff. I am so into this! Hopefully, this will be dyke-drama at it finest.



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dubbs said...

I <3 that this show is "Los Angeles" SheBar = GirlBar

And you ain't kidding about Kit. If you knew Pam Grier movies, a Smith and Wesson is a natural accessory to most of her characters!

Paula the Surf Mom said...


You know on your L Word report I think you are starting to pick up a dynamic in the relationship between Jodi and Bette that I am not sure even Irene may be aware of….

You see you are seeing Jodi as being sort of bitchy, but you know as a hearing impaired person I am starting to see something entirely different… What is being shown is what has happened to me many times in relationships…

I think you are seeing Jodi as dismissive but I am seeing her quite differently because I truly understand what she is meaning to say… you see with us deaf folks, even the most minute facial expression carries a meaning… and I see those in Jodi characters, but you probably would not.

Also the lust you see in the between the two is really something we deaf tend to do in our relationships… we compensate with sex because of our limits in verbally communicating our emotions with our hearing partners.

But I what I really think is very interesting is that even if you don’t realize it, you are picking that up, almost instinctively.

That girl is a trait of a very good reporter.

Lesberita said...

I'm pissed. WHERE THE F IS HELENA? Seriously, I will be SO MAD if they cut her out of the rest of this season.

Ilene... what gives????

thewishfulwriter said...

i live for these updates.

i don't get Showtime (bad lesbian, bad lesbian!)...so i catch up with you.

and I agree with lesberita - BRING Helena back! i'm not even watching the actual show and I miss her!