The L Word: episode 503

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Have to say right off the bat this was one of the best L Word episodes to date. There was a lot going on as usual, but the stories are really being played out nicely. Ilene and the cast get an A+ this week.

One of my favorite things about this season is the concept of filming Jenny’s movie Lez Girls. It’s really fun to watch this movie being created inside of a television show by fictional characters. It works and it’s a lot of fun.

The Charlie’s Angels Parody

This week’s intro was a parody of Charlie’s Angel’s written by the winner of the L Word fan fiction contest Molly Fisher. I thought it was really great! Congratulations Molly.

This has got to be one of my favorite L Word fantasies. There was lots of hair blowing in the wind, over the top sexy posing, and slow motion running. I loved the concept of the gay-dar guns (which deep down inside I was hoping might be real). And did anyone notice how super hot Kate Moening was as Sabrina? I certainly did. I’m hoping Drew Barrymore decides to produce Charlie’s Angels 3: Back in Time…

Bev’s Angels

Shane-ing up

Our super pimp is trying to “eliminate the cause of insanity” in her life by swearing off sex. Instead of spending her time inside ladies she’s spending time inside the gym. I think this is awesome. Over the last few years watching Shane have sex with numerous girls and dealing with her “commitment issues” was getting a little lame. I like this new improved Shane, she’s a lot more entertaining to watch. She’s been making me laugh instead of fast forward. I’m just hoping she can stick with it and perhaps meet a nice girl, then establish a real connection and then finally fuck her brains out. It’s more satisfying that way. Sexual tension is always a good thing.

Jenny’s assistant

Not much from Jenny this week. We did get a brief little scene of her and the assistant at the gym (which was really fucking funny). Tina and I share a similar disgust for their relationship.

Max beyond transgender-dome

My favorite transgender female to male Max gave us yet another view on the world of the transgender-ed. Has anyone else noticed that whenever Max talks about his transitioning it sounds like he’s reading from a pamphlet he picked up from the local LGBT community outreach. It wasn’t all bad, he was chatting it up with that super babe Grace from last season. (Mama likes.)

But, will he or won’t he hook up with Jodi’s super cute translator. It might be a little weird for him going from a lesbian, to straight man, to gay man, but I say labels shambles. If you’re into it, go for it. I know after a few cocktails anything with a warm body temperature looks good. So drink up Max and have a new experience. Maybe you can make a pod-cast about it

While we are on the subject, Max made a pod-cast this week and Alice is being kind of a bitch about it. What the hell is her problem anyway? Usually I’m a big Alice fan but as of late I’m really not feeling it. Considering the whole discrimination suit that has her girlfriend all disgruntled maybe she should be a little more open to Max and his issues.

For love or the military

This week Tasha was formally charged with homosexuality by the military. She is going to have to do her best to disprove the charges and in order to do that she is going to have to lie. This is not going to be easy for our favorite soldier, especially with uber-out girl Alice as her lover (God they are so cute! Aren’t they?). I’m hoping that Tasha gets cleared of the charges and then chooses to leave the military anyway.

The following clip is a great scene with Tasha and Beech… I smell Golden Globe award.

Tit-illated Tina

With a little help from Shane, Alice and OurChart Tina finally goes on a successful date and gets some much needed action from a well endowed heart surgeon. I was surprised that with Alice dealing with the whole Tasha situation and Shane busy finding her center they would be too busy to help out a friend in need… but not these two. They still have time in their lives to help Tina get back on the wagon. Maybe this little side piece will help Tina get over her Bette obsession.

Mummy’s Here

Helena is finally getting used to life on the inside now that she’s “clicked up” with Dusty. The two are running the prison yard and having deep emotional puzzle parties while whispering of the dream life they could live once free. Life on the outside was never this good. But, as we know all jail house romances can’t last forever, especially if your Helena Peabody and have oodles of cash and influence coming out of you ass.

So if you haven’t guessed or seen it for yourself, Peggy Peabody waltzed in and bailed Helena out of jail. What Peggy hasn’t realized is that Helena is a changed woman. Helena does the unthinkable and walks out on her privileged life; leaving her mother and LA’s finest lesbians to fend for themselves. She doesn’t need her mother or her money, all she needs is Dusty and a little island in the middle of nowhere where they can… um… do whatever they do.

Are we ever going to see Helena again? Have the writers and creators of Showtime’s hit series let another beloved character fall off the OurChart. Who knows?

As we have seen anything can happen on the L Word.

here is a clip of Peggy Peabody being the bad-ass that she is

Lady in the Lake

Bette blows off work to go on a weekend excursion with Jodi and her friends for the weekend. It probably would have worked out better if Bette just stayed home. Even those these two have an intense sexual connection life outside the bedroom doesn’t quite click the way it should. Jodi and her friends are free-spirited artists who partake in a nice mojito at 9am while Bette is a control freak and work-a-holic who would much rather be getting a check from the newest donor than play in a lake side football game. I mean, Bette is cool and everything, but she’s not the type who will easily forgive being thrown into a lake. Bad move Michael Angelo.

I don’t know about these two. Some say opposites attract, but sometimes opposites cause a rift in the cosmos.

In any event Bette’s horrible weekend getaway was cut short because Kit got held up at gun point and robbed at the Planet. Some may cry tragedy, but I say it was a blessing in disguise. Someone had to get Bette out of there… it was painful for me to watch.

Signing Dirty

Alice did a pod-cast with Jodi this week and the girls got to learn a little sign language. You never know when you’re going need it. P.S. I’m just hoping I don’t go out this weekend and see all the girls signing to each other as a new hip way to pick up chicks.

Here’s the clip

Make a Lesbian Fashion Statement
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Anonymous said...

I also thought it was an excellent episode... but I'm not liking what they are doing with Alice and Max.

I know they have to show some anti-tranny stuff to shine light on our own discriminatory ways, and its more meaningful if you make a popular character do it...

But, its Alice! I love her, and cringe when I see this ugly part of her character come out.

I'll have to have a word with Leisha Hailey next time I see her...we're getting married anyways.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

I think this was arguably the best L word episode ever... I loved it.

Now as a deaf person who primarily communicates in sign, I loved Alice's pad cast and I hope sign catches on with our L gang... it will make it so much easier for me to hit on girls . :) (she says as she looks over her shoulder for her partner)

Lesberita said...

If they wrote Helena off the show... I'm going to Showtime's headquarters with a can of gasoline and a box of matches...

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Ok you just gave it away Renee, it was you at Shane's place;)

Lesberita said...

Did anyone else think that the "Gaydar" signals were quite possibly a huge foreshadow? Could Jenny really be straight??

Beebo Brinker said...

yes rennee i did! but then i was thinking they can't do that... Jenny gave Tina so much shit last season and the whole lez girls thing.. i'm not sure if there is enough time to write out that kind of storyline...

This is why i am single. hahahaa.

Paula your right.. everyone should know sign language... but not just the dirty words!

Anonymous said...

won't Carmen eventually have to come back to get her stuff/equipment?