the new girl

An excerpt from an e-mail I sent to Lesberita:

"I am TOTALLY developing a small crush on our newest employee. She's like an assistant to my immediate boss, so she deals with us mostly now, as opposed to him. Does that make her my boss? No, no, it isn't that type of position...I don't think

Well, maybe not a crush, but it's like some sort of, oh,your all sorts of innocent and hot with your I'm from the mid-west and married and very heterosexual and perhaps bored thing you've got going.

She laughs at all my dumb jokes and is always touching me. Ha Ha it's funny.

I knnda want to take her into the closet and bang the hell out of her.

She's straight, she's married, she's my co-worker...not going to happen. Plus, we don't really have a closet here, persay...


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Paula the Surf Mom said...

From what your are saying about all the touching, My self I'd have to go with a "she is fucking Nemo" on this one

thewishfulwriter said...

damn it, paula! i was SO going to say it first!

now i'm left to try and come up with something witty all on my own.


i'll be back.

karla said...

Those are sign and symptoms long time single,(no woman live with you) and don't have an occasional lover to jump on. As result if a tick fly by your side you immediately thinks the tick is throw on you her underwear. When you noticed it. The treament is call your inseparable, the forever with you Hand and her five daughter and star to masturbate as need it(PRN). Before go to work a cold (ice water) shower too. You wont have the same sensation any more when someone is just try to be nice.