In Triplicate.

My girlfriend April can't say something just one time.

Or two times.

She has to repeat most everything she says THREE TIMES.

Her best friend Gabby calls it "triple-itis."

I used to call it endearing (when we first started dating).

Now I pretty much just call it maddening.

This conversation took place not long ago on our drive home from Roanoke, VA:

"Heather, it's getting dark. There's probably going to be a lot of deer, so be careful."


Literally, 2 minutes later.

"Remember, there's going to be deer."

"Remember, today is not my first day driving this road at night. I'm good."

No joke, 2 minutes later.

"Heather, see that sign about the deer right there."

"April, see this annoyed, crazy face?"

It's constant.

And if she's not saying her piece three times in a row, she's telling me something she's already told me before (at LEAST three times).

Last year, I was looking for new tennis shoes (everyone should have good, comfy shoes to wear while walking to restaurants and ice cream parlors).

When I told April what I was looking for, she said:

"You know, there's this store where they sell high end running shoes. They even watch you run so they can match you up with the right shoe."

Over the course of two weeks, I heard this EXACT phrase no less than 15 times. It was as if she'd forgotten the other 14 times it crossed her lips.

It got so ridiculous that I needed to point out how ridiculous it was.

I'd randomly interupt any conversation we were having and say:

"Hey, did you know that there is a store here that sells high end running shoes? Seriously. It's true. They'll even watch you run and match you up with the right shoe!!!"

I don't know....maybe her triple-itis has something to do with the fact her favorite number is 3.

Perhaps I should just be thankful it's not 33.

I do know one thing, though.

I love her.

I love her.

I love her.


Just as I finished writing this post, April woke up to go to the bathroom. When she came back to bed, she said:

"Can you wake me up at 10? I have some stuff I need to do."


One minute later.

"So, you will wake me up at 10?"

"Uh-huh. I said I would."

"Okay. Wake me up at 10."
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Paula the Surf Mom said...

This trait screams OCD... I can sooooo relate.... Debs does this too

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. I have a friend who does the exact same thing, only it's usually 300 times instead of 3 XD We all just randomly interrupt her with "Whoa, you know they shot a movie in Boulder? On PEARL STREET?!" or "Wow, I know this bakery. It's so cute! They have the best french bread!"

springlady477 said...

Ummm...I have a confession...I'm an offender of this. Drives my girlfriend crazy. I had to call her and tell her she's not alone!