The L Word episode 508

There is a lot of love in the air on the L Word. Jenny and Nikki are in love, Shane is falling like Gary Busey at an Oscar party for Molly, Bette still loves Tina and Jodi at the same time and of course Tasha still hearts Alice. Too bad all these girls just can’t be in love without all the bullshit that goes along with being a fictional character on Ilene Chaiken’s hit series the L Word. She really does bring dyke drama to a new level.

There’s Homophobia in Hollywood!! Still?
Things are tough on the set of Lez Girls this week after Nikki’s hot oil wrestling adventure at SHE BAR. Her agent gets very upset because Nikki has been plastered all over tabloids and they are insinuating that she’s a lesbian. This could be bad for the shitty block buster movie that’s about to premier and could potentially ruin her career while cutting some serious cash flow for all parties involved. In a, very badly acted, rage Nikki’s agent threatens to pull her from the movie but Tina saves the day by suggesting that Nikki take a “Hip , hot and hunky” guy too the premier.

Before I go any further I need to get something off my chest. I watch the L Word religiously and I’ve always had to stomach the bad writing, sometimes bad acting and often horrible storylines but I continue to watch it because I support my sisters and I got sucked in (Ilene Chaiken doesn’t write I think she’s a crack dealer). I’m not saying its bad all the time but sometimes it’s really bad. This is a topic I could write about for an hour. In any event, I just couldn’t stomach the scene with Tina and Nikki’s agent Kevin. Where the hell did they find this guy? It was so bad I almost shut my TV off and gave up the L Word all together… seriously how bad was that guy… it made me fucking sick… but I digress.

Where was I… Oh yeah. So Nikki ends up bringing Greg the guy who plays Jim on Lez Girls instead of Jenny to her premier party. Both of the girls are upset about it but they sell- out anyway and make plans to meet up at the premiere. Great! But when Jenny gets there she’s not allowed in. Adel ( looking hot as hell) tells Jenny that she is going to go inside and get Nikki but ends up schmoozing with Nikki’s agents and leaving Jenny outside for the entire movie (whore!).
After the premier Adel for some strange reason suggests that Nikki kiss Greg for the cameras. Jenny sees the lip lock from the sidelines and gets very upset. Adel comforts Jenny by saying that someone else must have suggested it for publicity reasons. Can you say, “Adel is lying bitch.”
As I see it, Adel is going to inch her way into jenny's life and then fuck with it here and there until her life is completely ruined. Adel is a virus and must be stopped. Max to the rescue perhaps?
I can’t wait for the truth to come out about Adel. I hope they make her like this super nutty freak. Please L Word! Shock me with something creative.

Straight Girl Syndrome
Shane has a major thing for Phyllis’s daughter Molly. Why wouldn’t she? She’s young, pretty, smart, rich, confused about the meaning of life and straight. She’s every lesbian’s dream, and if I was Shane I would want in there too. Some of the girls think it’s a bad idea for Shane to pursue this friendship with Molly, like Bette for instance, and she only thinks that way because she is lame as hell. Jodi on the other hand gets where Shane is coming from and throws a dinner party so the two can get cozy.
Molly and Shane have a deep conversation and then end up making out on Jodi’s roof top. Molly gets freaked out, which Shane predicted, and decides to go home.
It’s not over for these two, I see something beautiful happening here. I know the whole straight girl thing is taboo, but I like these two (and I can defiantly identify with the storyline) and I can’t wait till they do it next week!

Friends with your Ex to fucking your Ex, When should lesbians draw the line?
While Jodi was doing a nice thing for Shane in throwing a dinner party she was simultaneously creating the ultimate uncomfortable environment for her girlfriend. Bette did not like it that Jodi invited Tina and Jodi’s ex to the party. Bette doesn’t want to be friends with exes. Jodi thought Bette was being stupid but she doesn’t know the real reason Bette was really mad. She was really upset because Tine was bringing the DP from Les Girls and Bette wouldn’t have the opportunity to munch Tina’s box with all those people around.
They didn’t quite hook up at the dinner party but what they did do is decide to go see a therapist together to “figure out what they’re doing.” You don’t need therapist girls, you need a dental dam. All this fucking is going to give someone a VD.

A Love story
Remember that scene at the end of An Officer And A Gentleman where Richard Gere romantically whisks Debra Winger away from her hard knock life working in a nowhere town at a nowhere job. It was beautiful wasn’t it. I love that scene. It reminds me of two dykes I know.
They were a couple. One was a hot closeted butch soldier who looked like her face would crack if she smiled and the other was an out and proud girly girl journalist who is mean to her transgender friends. There different lives put a strain on their relationship but they kept it going strong until the Sergeant Butch began to be investigated for homosexual conduct by the military and the girly girl journalist made a career for herself by outing famous people. There different lives tore them apart and they broke up even though they still loved each other.
Then I remember there was this trial at an army base and the chick from Top Gun was the prosecuting dyke attorney giving the butch a hard time ( I wondered what happened to her). The girly girl journalist had to testify against her ex butch but instead got all sarcastic and insinuated that the Top Gun lawyer was a super dyke. The lawyer dyke got so freaked out that she promised to let Sergeant Butch off the hook.
Back in the courtroom the butch is under oath and has a moment of clarity. She realized that its not fair that she is fighting for a country whose government considers homosexuals second class citizens. In defiance she decides to proclaim her love for girly girl journalist and flips the bird to the military. She runs outside and whisks her love off her feet and makes out with her on a military base where some girl gives the thumbs up and everybody is watching them and smiling.
I love that story

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The Professor said...

Did anyone else noticed that Jenny called Greg "Tim" instead of "Jim" in the trailer? When she found out that Nikki was going not going to take her to the premier, but taking Greg instead, her line was something to the effect of "What? You're taking f'ing Tim to the premier?" I agree, the writing sucks a lot, but that was a smooth move, pointing out that Jenny is really a liar, and it's not "a creative piece of fiction" but really just an exaggeration of her (former) friends' lives.

temi k said...

woo ow, i really love the way Bette did to Tina, cos Bette love Tina too much to the instead that she can't do with out her, but one quest, hope they are married for real?