A "Couple" of Lesbians on Top Chef Season 4 Chicago

If you are Top Chef fan, than you will know that both gay men and lesbians have graced the shows presence over the last few seasons. In fact, BRAVO is probably one of the gayest cable television channels ever and we can probably thank the effeminate stylings of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for really breaking into the "gay genre" of Cable TV. BRAVO has also brought us our favorite fag hag, Kathy Griffin; the dyke with the washboard abs, Jackie Warner; Mr. Fashion, Tim Gunn; and of course the many artistic talents of Project Runway. If BRAVO was any gayer, they'd slap a rainbow flag on it and call it LOGO.

This Season, also known as Season 4 Chicago, there are not one but TWO lesbians on the show. Not only that, but these two women, who both hail from the lovely city of San Francisco, are together. That's right, Top Chef has brought on two talented culinary lesbian women who are in relationship with each other. I don't know about you, but I'd sure as hell like to be invited to a dinner party at their house.

Meet Jennifer: AGE: 35
HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY - currently resides in San Francisco, CA
PROFESSION: Executive Chef COCO500 Restaurant
FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Spring Lamb's tongue salad, sauce Dragnocello, Mache, olive oil croutons, and mustard fruit
STATUS: Still Cooking
Born in Brooklyn, NY and trained in classic French and Mediterranean cuisine, Jennifer believes in cooking for the season and stimulating the palette. She has lived and worked in both Paris and London and always tries to incorporate French, Italian and Spanish influences in her cooking. Jennifer is currently working as an executive chef at the popular San Francisco restaurant, COCO500, but says if she could cook anywhere in the world it would be Cinque Terre, Italy.

Meet Zoi AGE: 30
HOMETOWN: Seattle, WA - currently resides in San Francisco, CA
PROFESSION: Chef/Restaurant Consultant
FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Roasted baby California lamb with artichokes, spring onions, lemon and rosemary
STATUS: Still Cooking
A restaurant consultant living in San Francisco, Zoi began cooking at the age of 19 and has worked with some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast. After traveling extensively through Europe, she believes her food reflects her love of Greece and Italy. Zoi describes her cooking as simple and rustic and emphasizes the importance of using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

I'm sure BRAVO saw great potential in this couple, and I don't mean cooking potential. Lesbians = drama, so two lesbians dating = DRAMARAMA!!!!! Both women seem to be pretty laid-back, although Zoi seems to have the personality of a wet-noodle (no pun intended). I wonder who will go home first, and if there will be any type of hostility that develops between the two of them as the competition heats up.

Now before you get your panties in a bind, remember, this IS a cooking show and the only lesbian action you'll probably get to see is when one of the girls licks the spoon from their Hollandaise. If you're a foodie like me, than that's usually enough to do the trick (that and Padma is probably one of the hottest women ever to grace the show's presence... thank the lesbian gods she's the host)

Here's a video of the happy couple (they are showcased at the end of the video). To all my Top Chef fans out there, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Bravo is definitely gayer than LOGO!

- Grace C.

Beebo Brinker said...

Top chef is the best reality show on television!!!! Bravo is the best channel on television!!!
I heart LOGO but they really need to start putting some money behing their shiznit.

~Julie Phineas~ said...

I love Bravo that is so funny you pointed that out!

Shaney said...

LOL...But you are quite right! Queer Eye budged open the door. And now it really is in full swing!
But then Will & Grace must have had some impact. Either way I am all for Rainbow Bravo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are 3 lesbians on the show. Lisa is the other one.

Anonymous said...

Zoi should have been eliminated last night. Her pasta salad was atrocious for someone who's supposedly a "chef". I see her exiting in the next week or two at most.

I think the producers had a hand in making sure Erik was the one that was eliminated. His snide remarks about the challenges didn't win him any fans on the staff, so I'm sure they were glad to get rid of him.