New Single: Madonna, "4 Minutes"

Liking Madonna isn't just something limited to gay guys. Madonna also falls squarely into the category of "Stuff Lesbians Like."

So let's talk about her new single "4 Minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Yesterday, the track was released digitally in the U.S. Some uptight people have complained that her new single is just another unimaginative commercial pop track. (The detractors are also the same types of people who think they are too good to be seen at a chain restaurant and are too self-conscious to be caught having fun - or God forbid - dancing at a party, but I digress.) There is no question that everything Timbaland touches is gold. Timbaland helped make an international superstar out of Nelly Furtado. Timbaland's protege`s managed to drag a barely-conscious Britney Spears into the studio and manipulate her half-hearted squeaking into something that passed for listenable. A Timbaland/Madonna track is basically guaranteed to be the summer hit of 2008 (if only it had been released closer to summer).

I'm sure many of you have already heard the track. It was leaked to French radio in the beginning of March, and within 24 hours, people all over the world were swapping the track through file-sharing programs. Is it novel, groundbreaking or a creative masterpiece? No. But the bass line has "radio anthem" written all over it, and the chorus has an insanely catchy melody. Once you hear it, there is a good chance you will spontaneously sing the line "We only got four minutes to save the world!" in the shower and continue doing so until your roommate tells you to stop.

As you will see below, even Ellen can't get enough of this song.

To the haters, I suggest you give up your impotent protests and bow to the throne of Madge!

Her new album, Hard Candy drops April 29th.

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Dykes And The City said...

Ah, Madonna adoration... we don't have enough of it in dyke land. Thanks Grace! :-)