Rebecca Drysdale on No more L word

An exclusive Lesbiatopia article by The Time Traveling Lesbian Rebecca Drysdale

This week Beck shares her thoughts on the L-Word.

No more L word…well F word!

No more L word!! What are we going to do!?

After five seasons of laughs drama and disappointment, our favorite show to love to hate is saying goodbye. That’s right bitches. After a season that lasted half as long as we waited for it, the L word is packing up it’s u-haul, taking the cat and moving out. It is the end of an L era. No longer will we be able to turn on the TV and see ourselves so accurately portrayed on our television sets… or rather our friend who has cable’s television set.

Where will the world turn to learn about the true nature of the lesbian community? Where will they go to see our fancy clubs filled with gorgeous successful women over thirty who go out and dance every night of the week (while also holding high paying day jobs) in enormous night clubs where celebrities perform on Tuesdays and the lights are kept on? How will straight people know that lesbians get new cell phones each week and only use Macintosh computers? How will they know about the fact that we eat breakfast lunch, dinner, and have our dates and our nights out at the same sandwich place in the same day? How will they know that lesbians can take work off whenever they want to for a bike ride, or a trip to the mountains, or a silent retreat, or a cruise? Where will they see our magical ability to learn sign language in eight days? But more importantly, what the hell are lesbians supposed to do now?

What are we supposed to agree on besides our common need to bang Shane and kill Jenny? What will we argue about now besides whether or not Bette and Tina should get back together? How are we going to keep up with Betty and their latest musical efforts? What are we going to do?

All kidding aside. As bad as the L word was most of the time, it brought us together in a way that a march or a parade or a big ol’ all you can eat hummus buffet never could. It gave us as a community something to look forward to every week. It gave us a reason to gather. It gave us a common place to direct our rage, hope and lady boners. We all miss Carmen, we all want to rip Max’s soul patch off, we all can’t decide if we’d rather be or fuck Shane. We all wonder what happened to Angus and Papi and why no one is concerned about their sudden disappearance? The L word filled all of us with common questions, feelings and desires. It brought us off of the wall of the dance floor, and got us to mingle.

So now what?

Well perhaps the L word has opened a door. Perhaps we have taken the first step towards a bright shiny future where not only can there be a show about lesbians, but that those lesbians might actually be realistic people who don’t completely change their personalities every three weeks. Maybe there will be a show where the gay bar is filled with judgmental short girls who try too hard and can’t dance, or make out really sloppily with strangers, or sit outside crying in between bouts of vomiting…you know the way it really is. Maybe one day we can turn on the TV and see a nine hour circular conversation about needing space, or a night out with everyone sitting together at the bar texting other people. Maybe we are getting closer.

And so we say thank you L word, for entertaining us, fueling our fantasies, distracting us from our own dramas and problems, and teaching us about online social networking sites and podcasts. Thank you for the occasional great sex scene and the always hot “Bette cries outdoors” moments. We will miss you and take your lessons with us into our own lives.

Now if you will excuse me…I have to go, me and my seven closest friends are going out to lunch, starting a band, learning how to snowboard and cooking a traditional Hawaiian dinner. Then we are all going to a lecture about representations of women in French Film, and then to our favorite club where Peaches, Sleater Kinney, Goddess and She, KD Lang, Melissa Ethridge and Ellen are doing a show to raise money for ovarian cancer. Jodie Foster is hosting, it should be pretty fun. And then it’s to bed, gotta be up in the morning to run my company and work on my fall line before I hit the gym and meet everyone for breakfast.

But seriously folks. We will miss you L word. I watched every episode, and now I don’t know what I am going to do with myself.

Now all I can look forward to on Sundays is going to church to hang out with my other favorite L word…the Lord.



Joshua said...

What I really want to know is how Shane could possibly be friends with someone like Jenny.

~Julie Phineas~ said...

Wow Beck You Know Us So Well!!

MLC said...

That post is SICK -- just too, too funny. Hummus bar...I'll waddle over in my birkenstocks.

Now that HOT -- that's late night tv.

Lesberita said...

My first mistake? Reading this article at work, laughing hysterically out loud and then having to awkwardly explain myself. It was 100% worth it.

"Or a night out with everyone sitting together at the bar texting other people." I see you've spent some time at a lesbian party in LA...

Anonymous said...

OMFG!!!!! I can not stop laughing!!!! Hahaha Beck you just made my night!!!!!