Lesbian Fashion: Androgyny Meets Haute Couture on the Spring Runway

Its time to check out what is on the runways for spring and I promise I'm not going soft on this one. I'm just in love, people. I'm in love with...Jamie Carr.

Let me explain. Jamie is one of the advanced fashion design students at FIDM and she Debuted in the 2008 FIDM runway show that aired last weekend on KLCS Television here in Los Angeles area.

While I was severely disappointed with most of the designers featured in this show, including all of the men's wear designers, Jamie Carr's delightful line of cutesy nerdxcore made me swoon time and time again.

Once more photos become available, you can be sure I shall regale you with more of her adorably geeky couture. But meanwhile if you are not in LA and want to see the full Show, you can catch it via the FIDM webcast.

Now while we're speaking of men's wear... I've also recently discovered a designer whose men's wear collection I would actually LOVE to see my girlfriend in: Narciso Rodriguez.

My Girl happens to be quite a bit more casual than this, so this would never, ever happen, but a girl can dream.

But what really drew me to the Narciso Rodriguez line, was the minimalist color palette he used, which I adore since I have been a longtime fan of simple black and white, (save my current obsession with finding the perfect lemon yellow summer top) his nice, clean lines, and the androgyny he displays in his women's collection.

Narciso Rodriguez women's suiting collection is obviously tailored to the female silhouette, yet has a nice, not-so-subtle little genderfuck that makes me all tingly in the bikini area.

Had I a couture paycheck, I would have these on order yesterday.

The Narciso Rodriguez range doesn't stop there though.

Narciso Rodriguez's designs can also give you the classic "Tomboy In A Dress" look, which will let you simultaneously please your mother and not make you want to go drown yourself in the bathtub while doing so.

Heels optional, of course.

Oh, and finally, for the girls out there like me, who like to glam it up at every opportunity, I present to you my own personal idea of heaven:

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's obviously bordeaux-and-Nina-Simone time.


Jamie said...

Wow, my dad linked me to your site. Thanks so much for your support! I'm glad you enjoyed my work.

<33 Jamie Carr

Fashion Updates said...

Nice collection you have in this post. but two pictures are not showing to me. I don't know why. Is there missing some pictures in this post?

Fashion life said...

nice collection and great work on your site keep it up...and more collection add your site thank u