Lesbian politics: Ladies, you don't want to be this woman

Well, you don't want to be this woman, except for maybe the tig ol' bitties. A bit of levity today.

Someone I now love and whom I don't even know on OurChart directed me to this delightful set . . . of videos!

When I hear the term "Hillary supporter" on TV and say to myself, "Who in the world is still defending Hillary?" this is exactly the person I picture in my head. My new favorite person on OurChart--perhaps my new favorite person on the planet right now--posted these videos in a blog comment with the title "[Ma'amselle Lezident's] Nightmare," and she got it so right, and she doesn't even know me. I will send these videos to everyone I know. Thank you, new OurChart friend!

You know what? This woman has made me realize I've been wrong all along. I am so supporting this woman for President over anybody else. (NOTE FOR THE SARCASM-IMPAIRED: I'm kidding.)


MFL said...

Wow, is this for real. I didn't last more than the first minute of it

To each his or her own but this is bordering on strange

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