The Trans Man Diaries: My First Testosterone Shot

I am more driven to succeed than I have ever been in this life. Ever. And I live for the day that I make it big in whatever career path I choose, financially stable, and surrounded with a family that I have always longed for and deserved"….

excerpt from the Trans Man Diary The journey of Jamie…. transitioning from female to male.

This is a video of me giving me myself my first injection of Testosterone. The shot didn't go exactly as planned and by that I mean it was almost a total disaster. The entire process took over a half hour, but the video was edited down to 6 minutes or so just to capture the important parts.

As for the effects of the transition itself, well, LOTS TO REPORT!! My voice is dropping!! I'm getting hairier, and apparently, a little teensy, weensy, STINKIER!! LOL Like now when I work out I actually smell more like a dude..one of the less appealing effects, but what are ya gonna do?? Gotta take the good with the bad.

I've also been interviewing for jobs and continuing to lead a double life. On some interview I pass for a guy, and on others I'm seen as a butch lesbian. Its very interesting because however they perceive me is what dictates how I act! If they perceive me as a boy, I try very hard to talk low and not so much, and as a result, I seem like a shy, bored, straight guy..which is so awkward because I am such an animated, outgoing, funny individual. If they perceive me as a butch lesbian, I seem more talkative but sort of like I just came out of the closet..oy. So, as the transition carries on I know these two personas will disappear and I can just be myself. It's just kind of making do until then.


Queers United said...

i didnt realize there were so many steps, thanks for sharing this video, i never knew what was involved with taking T or Estrogen


Anonymous said...

Brave. Too bad no nurse friend(s) to help with the shots.

lu said...

Thanks. Good to know all the steps.