Excuse me Sir, you're in the wrong restroom!

As much as it turns me on to be referred to as Sir, its just not the same when its coming from a little old lady washing her hands in the woman's restroom at Target. It happens almost every time I enter a public restroom so I've become accustom to just smiling and saying "Maybe YOU'RE in the wrong restroom lady!!!"

This is what life is like for me and many other gender-queer, butch, stone, trans, whatever you want to call it, kinds of folk. It's not all bad really, considering the hot ladies we get to sleep with.

Sure, being butch in this world has its ups and downs, but really- we've come a long way.

Gone are the days of only 1 gay hangout within a 500 mile radius; there are probably about 20 different gay bars/restaurants and shops within a 5 miles radius of my house in Long Beach. I'll take dirty looks in the men's underwear section over arrest any day of the week. A big thank you to the Leslie Feinberg’s of the world who have made living in this world a little easier for those on the other side of Lady Blvd.

Ten Best Things about being Butch (in my opinion)
10. A love of sports is encouraged
09. The comfort and murf free environment with boxer briefs
08. Never having to wear a dress again
07. Comfy shoes like converse or the ever cliché army boots
06. No fuss hair options like shaving it all off
05. Tools are our friend
04. Say goodbye to make up
03. The Dykes on Bikes at every good pride parade
02. I can’t remember the last time I shaved before a date
01. So many femmes...so little time!


Karen said...


Anonymous said...

Being butch is great... until you're at an Elton John Concert in the Beer Garden and someone working the concert comes up to your partner and says "you know, when you leave your son has to go with you". Not cool!

Leah said...

My English teacher (I'm still in high school) keeps calling me "young man". He still has no idea I'm a girl. It's hilarious. Me and my friends are trying to see how long it will be before he finally realizes I'm a chick. I've been kicked out of the girls restroom and the girls locker room because the staff thought I was a dude. It's fun...but a little hurtful at times when people are super rude.

I love being butch. I skateboard and play the guitar...girls think it's hot. =]

Nadia said...

Butches are so hot xD.... when i was younger i was femme, then i became a butch... now femme again... cant really decide whats best for me...lol... But still, butches aer soooo hot sometimes xD

Anonymous said...

Indi-mus: That happened to my gf (well ex-) and I in Puerto Rico. Apparently first the guy thought she was my son (i'm 23, she's 24! lol) and then I think my little brother..until he saw us kiss lol. Then I think he thought I was a pedophile!

Kyle said...

A well respected butch lesbian women's health care provider was my baby daddy (via a sperm vial). She always told the best stories. During one visit, she told of going to a concert in Seattle, and waiting in a very long line for the restroom. Some woman behind her in line said something along the lines of "You're in the wrong line." Pat turned to her, grabbed her sizable breasts and said "Oh, really? I don't think so!" and glared at her until she stopped stammering. I loved that woman, too bad we lost her to ovarian cancer.

Kyle said...

I should point out in that last comment, that Pat was grabbing her *own* breasts, not the ones belonging to the other woman.... I just cracked myself up re-reading that.