My Favorite Lesbian NightClubs in LA

Okay ladies, here I find myself on the Friday night before the Los Angeles Gay Pride Festival, and I am wondering what all the lesbians are doing tonight! Most of my friends are out partying it up this weekend, but I am home tonight getting ready for a night out tomorrow. I love to get dressed up and go out dancing after dinner and some drinks. My wife knows all the good spots and usually chooses where we go, and over the years I have developed my favorites.

Since I live in Southern California, there are a few gay clubs and lesbian bars in my area, and the closest spot to me that I like is The Executive Suite in Long Beach (website). This is a longtime favorite spot for a Saturday night, and for the LGBT community to get together and party before and after the Long Beach Gay Pride Festival.

I also like Club Ripples which has two different dance floors and a karaoke area for those that are interested in showing their vocal talents(website). I prefer Friday nights at Club Ripples which is referred to as Debra's @ The Beach. Check out Debra's MySpace page here for pics.

If we just want to have a drink and play some pool, then we head on over to Club Broadway (link). We used to like to go to Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach because it was right next to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles which is always good at 2am when you've had a bit to drink. There is a Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood (link) that you could check out, which offers more entertainment and food choices.

Also out in Los Angeles and Hollywood area is The Palms Bar which has a nice size dance floor and friendly bartenders (website). The Palms is also located right near a secure parking garage which is good. We have fun at Girl Bar and have also been over to Circus Disco, but they do play a lot of club music and I am more of a hip hop fan.

My favorite spot is on Tuesdays and whenever my wife and I can get away on a Tuesday this is a guilty pleasure of ours. Michelle's XXX, also known as Peanuts, is a sexy spot for lesbians to dance, drink, and watch Michelle's girls put on a great show. If you've never been to Michelle's XXX, you really don't know what you're missing. All I can say is that the ladies at Michelle's XXX leave visions in your mind you will cherish forever. *wink* Michelle's XXX also hosts the LA Gay Pride After Party so be sure to check out their website if you are heading out to that this weekend. You can also find Michelle's XXX on MySpace here. Michelle's XXX does offer Club Sexy on Saturdays every so often, so be sure to add yourself to their mailing list if that is something are interested in.

If you are out here in Los Angeles and you do see me out and about with my wife at the club, be sure to stop me and say hi and buy me a drink!!! hahaha I'm excited to go out this weekend and get my party on, and I hope that the rest of the ladies here in So Cal who are partying for pride are having a blast and staying safe. Always designate a driver ladies, and be sure to buckle up! Thanks for reading and Much Love! ~Julie Phineas~

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PS If you are out at the LA Pride Festival this weekend look for The Hip Hop tent and you will find Michelle's XXX Girls - Yummm!!!