Pin-up-of-the-Day: Do You Likee?? We Want YOU!!

We here at Lesbiatopia seem to think that ya'll are diggin' (think 'Hungry Like the Wolf') our newest and hottest feature, the Lesbiatopia's Pin-up-of-the-Day.

And now we want to know...do you think YOU have pin-up potential??

We want you and your best cheesecake
...Butch / Femme / Andro / Stud / Tomboy / Sporty / Lipstick (it don't matter)

... send us your hot pictures

(and by hot, we mean sexy in your own unique way... we're not looking for your average, everyday Giselle supermodel... oh no no, we want it rough, raw, suburban, edgy,BBW, sexy-ugly, dirty-in-the-mud, candid, sensual, superbad, awesomeness)

and we'll make you our Pin-up-of-the-day. We're easy to please. Make us smile! Meow!!!

email pics to: lesbiatopia@gmail.com with subject line: Pin-up-of-the-day

can't wait to see your gorgeous faces!
(please, no porn though, we are looking for tactfully done cheesecake, not you eating the peach pie)

tits out

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