2% of Americans Want to Know: Will Tila Tequila Ever Find Love?

I admit, I didn't actually watch this season of Tila Tequila Train Wreck, Round 2, but I wasn't shocked when I heard that this time the tables had turned. That's right people, Tila Tequila had her first bittersweet taste of rejection.

On Tuesday’s finale of A Shot at Love 2, Tila Tequila’s decision became clear early in the episode when she rooted for female finalist Kristy over potential boyfriend Bo.

Tila presented the key to Kristy and then was in shock and awe when Kristy refused it. “You love that I’m honest and that I’m true to my feelings and true about who I am,” she said. “If I take this key I’m not being true.”

It was Tila's response that really makes me pee my pants a little. “Why would you do that now?” Tila asked. “Why would you put me through all this process? ...I feel humiliated.” Tila's biggest concern was "being put through all this process" when she herself has done that to more people than I can count on both hands, through two seasons of Tila Tequila awfulness!

Apparently, Kristy had been dropping hints all night, though. Over dinner, she told Tila, “I am 120 percent sure of my feelings for you, but I am unsure about my experience with women. I’ve never done this before. I’m so scared to hurt you.” In the limo ride to the final decision, she even said, “It would be a lot easier if she didn’t choose me.” When you're as self-absorbed as Tila, you lack the genetic make-up to pick-up on these hints.

Well, it looks like this is sure to pave the way for Tila Tequila 3: Third Time's a Charm, Right?

Missed the final episode? Here it is. Try not to cry too hard.


Queers United said...

im glad tila picked a chick

Sinnerviewer said...

She should have picked Dani from last season....

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