ASK ALICE- the lesbian rock band of my dreams


I would like to introduce my band.

Ask Alice.
We're Here.
We're Queer.
We Drink Beer.
Original. Vaginal. Rock.

My whole life I've wanted a band. But not just any band, a rock band.
But not just any rock band, an ALL GIRL ROCK BAND.

In high school all of the musicians I knew were guys that had no interest in having a girl play in their band. That left me with the solo acoustic option. I wrote songs by candle light about my teenage angst and breaking heart. Needless to say, that got really depressing really fast. I wanted fun and excitement. I wanted to inspire girls to throw their panties at me, to the keep the music going despite the bar brawls that with broken beer bottles. I started looking for other musicians to have this wild adventure with and while I posted adds, wrote emails, posted on bulletin boards, bathroom walls, I still couldn't seem to find a match.

This ideal has proven to be quite difficult over the years. I don't think of myself as a music snob but really, I don't have any interest in choreography and I'm certainly not going to wear a skirt. It seemed I was never a good match for any band I came across.

Searching for a good female musician is like going to a bad dive bar with all of the typical patrons. Here are the female musicians types that I've personally come into contact with in my search...

- The Ani DiFranco acoustic type. Possibly a lesbian? Probably works at the coffee shop that shes singing at tonight. Thanks a-latte... for nothing!!

- The electronic type. Attempts to make strange buzzing noises pass as a love song about her latest keyboard obsession. Bjork gone horribly, horribly wrong.

- The Spice Girl type. Always looking for an agent, producer, back up singers and band. This means she has absolutely zero talent, a boob job and a GREAT ass.

My search was long. After about 5 years I was pretty over the idea of having a girl band when I started getting responses back from chicks I had already jammed with and "lost their number" last year.

However, Mama didn't raise a quitter and I kept up my search knowing full well it was likely my dreams would never come true. Maybe I'm a masochist.
After searching for so long I finally struck gold. TWICE!

The first was a guitar player who had just moved to LA from Minnesota.
I found her via craigslist. It was ridiculous how much we had in common.

The second was a drummer from Orange County CA. I found her through a complete stranger who we have yet to meet or thank. It was fate
I found these 2 girls after almost 9 years of searching.
They have another thing coming to them if they think I will ever let either of them go. Alyssa and Laura. My musical family. We write songs together. Sweat in the garage during practice together. Cry over girls together. Party together. Laugh together and hopefully one day we will get famous together. It's like having sisters and brothers all at once. I feel so lucky and proud that we have found each other and things are really working for us.

So, as you can tell ASK ALICE is not the typical band.
- Everyone one of us is proudly and openly gay
- We can seriously rock the socks right off your feet
- We write and play our own songs... unless a sexy lady makes a request
- We don't kiss any one's ass, we don't apologize and we always have a blast where ever we go.

I realize this blog really isn't about much other than my ramblings about how much I love my band. I found a rock band. A girl band and best of all a QUEER BAND. Proud and really really loud.

Hopefully you can come check us out sometime....its always a party.
Our myspace page has all the fun details.

Mr. Leigh
Vocals. Guitar.

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Tina-cious.com said...

Get outta here! YAY YOU GUYS!!

That's awesome! Ok gotta hit your myspace when I get home!

Let us know when you play in Connecticut! :)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite bands ever... and the hottest lead you'll ever see or hear.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite bands to photograph!!! =0)

Dlicious Chaos