IDKEX diary: August 8 Master of Safety, Taylor Mayde

As part of IDKE X, the International Drag King Community Extravaganza pre-event festivities, many of the performers and drag troupes have agreed to share their thoughts and stories about the upcoming event. Our second journal entry comes Taylor Mayde

Without further ado, a message from Taylor Mayde...

When I was leaving the house yesterday, my girlfriend sarcastically remarked, "I'm glad I trust you." I laughed as I walked out the door with a dildo and lube in one hand and my camcorder in the other. IDKE has always brought the subject of safety and responsibility to the table and this year, I decided to include 30-60 second "commercials" on safe sex, drunk driving and violence among the community. In no way did I want to be preachy or sound like my 6th grade health teacher (I heart you, Mrs. Bellis), so I asked a few drag queens and drag kings for their assistance. Still in the filming process, I'm looking forward to what Columbus' best entertainers have to offer on the various subjects. It was such a treat watching a drag queen place a condom on a dildo and inform the community that her boyfriend is a "shooter." -Taylor Mayde

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Anonymous said...

who is excited for IDKE???? I can't wait!!!