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Olivia Travel Olivia is a company offering a variety of services for lesbians, founded by Judy Dlugacz as a women’s record label in 1973.

Since then, "The Olivia Companies" have continued to expand to include Olivia Travel, Olivia.com, and now an Olivia Community in Tucson, Arizona. Olivia Travel offered its first all-woman cruise in 1990 and remains the only company in the world offering cruises that cater only to lesbians, according to Wikipedia. In 2007, Olivia.com launched with an exclusive social networking community for lesbians online, which now has members from all over the world. The Olivia.com website says "Olivia seeks to create memorable community experiences and Olivia.com is an extension of that mission." Now, The Olivia Companies have brought to life another memorable community experience with an Olivia Community, which looks to be one more Olivia success!

“Olivia was created to serve a lesbian market that ranges from women who must live quietly in suburbia, to women who have the freedom to walk the streets holding hands. I am extremely blessed to have been part of this amazing experience. When the company launched 35 years ago, I never dreamed Olivia would become the company that it is today,” says Judy Dlugacz, President and Founder of Olivia.

According to the Olivia.com website 98% of the women who travel with Olivia Travel return.

This is due largely to the fact that Olivia cruises include exclusive entertainment for lesbians which includes popular celebrities such as Melissa Etheridge, kd lang, Heart, Belinda Carlisle, The Go Gos, Indigo Girls and Paula Cole; sports stars such as Sheryl Swoops, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Rosie Jones and comedians like Margaret Cho, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lily Tomlin. The lesbian travel company prides itself on “featuring both international superstars and the latest up-and-coming performers, thereby catering to a wide cross section of women”. Most recently, Olivia rolled out its Sistas at Sea™ and Sistas at Play™ programs for lesbians of color; and in April 2008, one of the stars of the popular lesbian series "The L Word", Leisha Hailey, signed on as Olivia’s spokesperson and voice to the company. Leisha Hailey attracts fans of The L Word to the Olivia brand, including users of their official social network online, OurChart.com. The L Word features the cruise line in some of their episodes, highlighting the fact that Olivia is part of the lives of most lesbians who love to travel.

You can read more about what it’s like on an Olivia vacation on About.com here or watch a YouTube video commercial for Olivia.com below:

You can find a social networking community on Olivia.com called Olivia Connect.

This portion of their website allows lesbians online to network and communicate, find out more about Olivia and its lesbian-friendly partners, and talk about their trips with Olivia Cruises. You can find my profile on Olivia Connect here where you will find that I post articles I write for the portion of Olivia Connect called Olivia Voices. Olivia Voices are blogs by lesbians online sharing their voices on different topics of interest to other lesbians. You can find my voice on Olivia here where I share the articles that I write for my blog Lesbian Mommy and Lesbiatopia. There are plenty of discussion groups on Olivia Connect as well, which helps connect like minded lesbians to discuss their passions and interests in a safe online community environment. You can find lesbian discussion groups on a variety of topics, and that link is here.

Keeping to true Olivia style of creating "memorable experiences for the lesbian community", Judy Dlugacz has announced the company’s expansion in the lesbian market with a new Olivia Community in Tucson, Arizona.

Here is the email from the President and Founder of The Olivia Companies announcing the arrival of the new Olivia Community:

Dear Friends,

I have very exciting news for you, for we are once again about to make history together! I would like to welcome you to the first resort-style community intended for lesbians.

We have shared a dream that has finally become a reality: to create an Olivia residential community where you have the opportunity to own a condominium as your principal residence or as a second home for vacationing. We are taking action RIGHT NOW to bring you this once-in-a-lifetime experience to purchase a condominium in our Olivia resort-style community, with move-in dates as early as this fall.

We announced the community about two weeks ago, and already have over 10,000 women seeking more information, and over 45 who have sent their deposits and begun the purchasing process. This is a remarkable response!

The property is located in Tucson. Rachel and I have visited the property and Tucson to get a sense of what the area has to offer. We agreed that Tucson is a perfect location for our community. The price is right, with condos ranging from high $100,000’s to mid $300,000’s; the size is right at 344 units; and the beauty and warmth of the desert is undeniable. The grounds are open and spacious and already feel like a resort setting. The community is situated just a short walk from great shopping, restaurants, a movie theatre complex and an upscale indoor mall. There are also incredible facilities nearby for golf, tennis, biking, and hiking and the city hosts numerous cultural events as well. Three major baseball teams conduct their spring training in Tucson.

The lesbian and gay community is strong here, enjoying the support of a LGBT-friendly City Council, domestic partnership laws, and a large gay community that is both socially and politically active. You’ll find gay cafés, bookstores and restaurants and Tucson's own LGBT Community Center, Wingspan.

Back in 1990, when I first decided to create the cruises, I appealed to you, our Olivia community, and said I had chartered a ship and I needed 600 people to reserve within three months. In the first three months we had sold out our first ship and we were on our way to filling our second one. Why? Because there was a need in our community for a place where we could all be completely free and open. You trusted Olivia to make that happen. We are here again. We are creating a home for you that is reflective of the Olivia experience.

Every condo will be upgraded with granite slab counters, premium carpets, porcelain tiles, your choice of paint colors and much more, so every unit feels like you are on vacation. Even though the complex already has expansive lawns, a resort-style pool, a fitness center, and a social clubhouse, we are adding a saline lap/soak pool, more Jacuzzis and barbeque stations. We’re also adding a fitness training course and a dog run/park for little Toto!

Step inside the dream of a life shared together, day in and day out, in comfort and openness. Your immediate action will make Olivia Communities, Tucson happen. We must reach 400 fully-refundable $10,000 deposits (that will be placed in your own individual, interest-bearing escrow account) in order to secure the complex. And speaking of price, your purchase into Olivia Communities, Tucson includes the great entertainment and activities you have come to expect from Olivia!

We have been having an enormous response, even during this economic slowdown. This is the time to buy. This is the time to take advantage of an opportunity we may not see again for a long while.

Please take a look at the website today at www.oliviacommunities.com to see what we mean about the uncompromised beauty of our new home, or click here to have one of our community consultants call you. We have a wonderful sales team that will answer your questions and loan brokers are in place to secure the best rates for you. You can also call our wonderful community consultants directly at 888.855.8649. This is a “first come, first served” opportunity, so send in your deposit now and have the best choice of units!

I have spoken to thousands of you over the years about an Olivia residential resort community concept, and the response has always been overwhelming. If you dream of a place where we can all be together, creating a fabulous community with the magic of Olivia right where we live, then please join us.

My promise has always been that I would only create a community I would personally want to live in. Rachel and I will be buying our own condominium in Tucson. Many of my friends have already expressed interest in buying with us and I encourage you to forward this message to your friends. But please remember, we only want fun-loving, fabulous folks!

So, what do you say?

I hope to see you in Tucson soon!

Much love,


You can read more about the project at www.oliviacommunities.com.

There is also a discussion group on Olivia Connect that is dedicated to the Olivia Community in Tucson where you can learn more and discuss the project with others online. You can find that here. I was extremely excited to learn that the first resort community for lesbians became a reality, and I suggest that those who are in the market for a new condo take a look at what the new Olivia Community has to offer.

I look forward to the continued expansion of The Olivia Companies, and the success of all their projects in the lesbian market!

I hope that you enjoyed this article and learning more about what Olivia has to offer lesbians worldwide. Thanks for reading and maybe I'll see you on an Olivia Cruise some day soon. Stay well in the meantime, and thank you for visiting Lesbiatopia.com ;0)

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Queers United said...

the olivia community sounds interesting. i would love to live in a gay friendly area but not gay only, i think diversity is a good thing. males, females, straights, gays, blacks, whites, etc

Rob said...

I already own a condo unit in this complex.

I am currently marketing my unit for sale at $35,000 less than what is being charged by Olivia Communities. My unit has a great view and overlooks main courtyard, the pool and fitness center. If you have any interest in my condo, please email me at robby23@ymail.com and I can provide you with additional information.



Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and my partner and I are interested. This is an idea whose time has come and I'm happy to live in the town that will make it happen.


Anonymous said...

not surprised that olivia is over charging by $35000 for these condos. Ask how much they personally get before you buy

or based on robs comment they are making $35k for themselves. I say buy Robs condo and save a ton or better yet stay out of sinking real estate.

Anonymous said...

Stop the presses... rumor is this is a huge failure and on hold. Better get your deposits back or Olivia will spend it to keep the ship from sinking! yikes lesbians beware

Jana said...

Start the presses!
It was the economy that was the huge failure!!!
Anonymous - you should know what you're talking about before you post your trash talk!
All deposits were refunded - and with interest - as they were in an escrow account.
FYI - neither Olivia or her ship is sinking - she will sail on for many years to come!!!
And lesbians beware - if you have yet to travel with Olivia - you're missing out on a great vacation - yikes!!!!!

Nick said...

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