Congratulations to Lindsay and Sam

Although this may be a foray into unknown territory for this Enlightened Dyke, but I have a bit of insight to share on this latest bit of Celesbrity News. I subscribe to several LGBT-related blogs and news feeds in my beloved Google Reader, and often, high-profile information comes to me from multiple sources. Yesterday's announcement that Lindsay Lohan verbally and publicly confirmed her relationship with DJ Samatha Ronson was no exception. You can read about it here and here and here. Although many people "in the know" (i.e. who pay attention to tabloids and celebrity gossip) have speculated for several months, the couple had previously refused to verify the status of their relationship.

I am personally a fan of privacy, of minding your own business, of giving people space, and of respecting boundaries. I understand, however, that being a celebrity necessitates the sacrifice of some of these rights. It's the price you pay for fame. So I took a gander at the news that's been released over the various media outlet, and here's a summary of what I've found:

Lindsay Lohan, initially famous for her tres mingnone dual-role as the twins of the Parent Trap remake, became much more famous for her slip into scandal as a teenager. Between the drugs, the rehab, the nude pictures, the car accidents, and the cat fights with other scandalous celebs, it seemed that she hit rock bottom and planned on staying there. And then, all of a sudden... nothing. No scandal, no drama, no fighting, not even many public appearances. Was a parole officer? A newfound faith? Had she seen the light? Well, we now know that it was much simpler, and yet more profound at the same time - she fell in love. Not a one-night stand, not a publicity stunt, but that turn-your-world-around, make-you-a-better-person, hers-and-hers-coordinated-towels kind of love.

They went shopping together, they accompanied each other to work, they generally just couldn't get enough of each other. But they kept it personal and private. Rumor has it that they were offered a payout in excess of 2 million for an exclusive on their relationship, but declined. Instead, the public confirmation of their status came as a casual "yeah, it's been a long time" during an informal conversation with friends. And have you noticed how happy they look? Gosh, it just warms my heart. Everyone deserves to feel this kind of love. And after all that she's been through, I hope this love lasts for Lindsay, and for Sam.

There's been quite a bit of discussion among the lesbian community about whether or not it is "good" to have this kind of celebrity on "our" side, as well as speculation about her sexuality and whether or not that played a role in the drama she went through as a teenager. Well I just wish we didn't have to have "sides" in the first place. As someone who only dated guys before falling in love with a woman, I tend to eschew labels. Why should we be obligated to identify ourselves by the gender(s) to which we are attracted? Maybe Lindsay has always felt she was a lesbian, or maybe she never has. I don't think it really matters. What's important is the exposure. That the two of them, the media, and the rest of us all treat them just as we would any other celebrity couple. I think that by acknowledging their relationship in such a simple and profound way, they've helped "normalize" (I hate that word) the idea of same-sex couples in the minds of a few more people.

Here in California, we have a few short weeks remaining until our state votes on whether or not to take away the rights of same sex couples to marry. Recent polls have indicated that more and more people are leaning toward the NO vote, but there is still a significant segment that is undecided. I think as they see things like this: that two women can have a successful relationship which helps them become better people, and that their relationship is no different from any other, I think they will begin to see that this is not an attempt to "change the values of America", but rather, a fight for equal rights, and the right of everyone to love.

Whatever your thoughts on LiLo, I hope that you remember the joy of your first real love, and I hope that you join me in celebrating Lindsay and Samantha's relationship and wishing them all the best as they grow in their love.


Sinnerviewer said...

I'm glad to see others trying to get away from labels. You love who you love. If they love each other, that is something to support and celebrate.

Sei said...

I noticed a while back that the newer pictures of the two of them seem much healthier and happier together. Rather than looking drugged out, Lohan looks more ragged and in pain, but not vaccously drugged.

All relationships should be positive ones. I'm glad to see that they seem happier, healthier, and better together. And I have no problem with their desire to keep this to themselves as well.

Margo Moon said...

It'll be innerestin' to see how this change in the dynamic, and it's certainly a big change, will affect their relationship.

Let's hope they meet with lots of support and well wishes, not only here, where you'd hope to Goddess there'd be support, but in their everyday, mundane celebrity :) lives.

Renee Gannon said...

I can't speak on behalf on Lindsay but I know that before I came out I had my own struggles with sex, alcohol and coming to terms with my own sexuality. I was not in a good place.

The media has documented Lindsays turmoil over the years and wherever that turmoil stemmed from, whether it be a struggle for her identity or not, I can relate to it on many levels. I could not imagine trying to come to terms with who I was with the media in my face all the time.

There is something about finally coming out, to your friends and family, and to yourself that offers a huge amount of peace. I think Lindsay finally found some peace, both with realizing her sexuality and in finding love with Samantha. I was rooting for her all along because I think we've all been down that road in one way or another.

I have faith that Lindsay will stay positive and I always had a gut feeling that this wasn't a publicity stunt. I wish them the best with their relationship and I hope they continue on the path of happiness and betterment.

Jul said...

I'm happy to see someone in young hollywood take a chance, and just be a bit more open. Got to tell you though...I think Lindsay may break Sam's heart. Sam is older, has had relationships with women before, and seems to have her head on a bit straighter....while this seems to be Lindsay's first real same-sex relationship (aside from the making-out, etc..stuff).

We'll see...

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah. lilo and sam-ron yeahyeahyeah. they be old news. they are gonna make beautiful hollywood babies for everyone to see and make a deal out of. write about them in 3 years. or 5 years, or 10 years. we will see how this goes. lets see this tight lipped hollywood couple make it longer than the tabloid couples make it and ill allow it my time for praise and recognition. famouse les couples have more than just the typical standard to live up to to make them worthy of publication. sadly, we need the boost...

girl2grl said...

Well I am glad they are finally "Out" about it, but I do wonder how long it will last...I can only imagine the pressure of being a star and a lesbian...especially one with such a messed up history.