Ellen Degeneres: An Unconventional Covergirl

I'm so conflicted!

I have an enormous amount of respect for Ellen and how she conducts herself. I think she makes good choices for herself and her career and doesn't let middle america twist her into something she's not.

That's not to say she isn't presenting an edited version of herself on her weekday talk show, but I never get the sense she is presenting an inauthentic version of herself to her audience.

Today it was announced that Degeneres will be the face of Cover Girl in a new campaign for the make up company, and I don't know what to think.

It is definitely an interesting choice. Ellen is very attractive but by her own admissions, she is not a fan of make up and I believe the closest Ellen gets to any make up when she's not on her T.V. set is the lip gloss she kisses off of Portia.

I'm all for visibility, but I'm perplexed. If she doesn't wear make up herself, why promote it?

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Annie said...

maybe its a new line...?
Maybe this whole time us dykes havent worn makeup simply because we have yet to really be marketed to? Damnit. I dont wanna!!!! :::kick,scream::::

Sei said...

I'm femme and I hate make up. If it's hot, and I sweat, it gets into my eyes. It gets on my clothes. It dries up my skin. Unfortunatley, I have to wear it right now. I come from a family where the women wear make up on special occasions like weddings, funerals, christanings, and court dates. No, we haven't broken any laws lately.

This is mostly because of money. Ellen's a hot commodity right now, and Cover Girl has deep pockets to pay her. Ellen gets enough money that, if she's smart, she's got tons of money for when she retires. If Cover Girl's lucky, people like Dodson don't raise a stink over this.

teach said...

eh, it pays. its a job. i dont wear makeup, but if i got a job being a make up model, i would. then id wipe it off and go home. and kiss my pretty wife and cash my fat paycheck and dance. no conflict. just money.

Paula Brooks said...

Yeah I agree, I rent houses to to tourist... I have never really liked tourist much as they tend to crowd the beach and make surfing hard... but Oh the surf boards I can buy with their money.