Lesbian Book Review: Sex For One

Greetings Lesbiatopians.

This is Cynthia Rodriguez, your friendly, neighborhood "RESIDENT BOOKWORM & BOOK REVIEWER EXTRAORDINAIRE".

I welcome you to the beginnings of the literary era of Lesbiatopia. By that I mean an entire segment dedicated to all you sexy book worms out there. For those of you who appreciate the beauty of curling up with a good book, perusing your local book shops, or even enjoy picking up that pen or hitting the keyboard to compose your own poetry or creative prose, this is your section! Included here will be book reviews by yours truly on a wonderful variety of literature. The reviews will include all types of genres, however, the main focus will be on Lesbian authors and/or themes.

The first review below is an older book. Just to give everyone a taste of things to come in regards to my reviewing style. It is one of my all time favorite books, and I strongly recommend it to my fellow Lesbians everywhere.


After Gloria Steinem, I'd have to say Betty Dodson would be my next favorite feminista hero. She played one of THE biggest parts of my own personal sexual revolution back in the day, late teens, early twenties. Not that masturbation was really ever an issue for me, but she takes it to a whole new level. Dodson in every magnitude as sex educator and artist are amazing. I believe she smashes every single myth, misunderstanding, and bullshit we grow up with when it comes to "self-pleasure". She elevates masturbation from something that people may consider as a "substitute" for the "real thing", and transforms it into a majestic deed all on it's own. You realize it's not only the safest sex around, but probably the best sex you'll ever have.

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Jul said...

Okay, I have to say, it was great that you called masturbation,"a majestic deed all it's own." That's fantastic.

Perhaps I don't have the art or craft of it right, or perhaps I just am an appreciator (connesieur if you will) of the amazing skills of another.....

I'm willing to give your assessment another shot...for science, mind you.


lol..Jul, by all means, be it for "scientiific" purposes, go for it.

And if you ever come across this book, check it out...it's just THAT good.

Sei said...

I hope to run into this book at some point in the near future. One of the things that kept going through my mind when reading your post was how masturbation is also a great way to know what you like, and that usually you are the best one to administer.