Lesbiatopia News Round Up 9/13-9/20

As a followup to last week's News Round Up, George Takai and Brad Altman’s wedding occurred a week ago and a nice picture is always in order. (from left to right- Nichelle Nichols, Brad Altman, George Takai, and Walter Keonig)

Cancer Researchers have announced a possible vaccine which appears to have completely eliminated a specific type of breast cancer from mice. The vaccine is still in the early stages of developement.

Three Australian Rabbis have announced that they will be willing to perform the ceremony for Scott Whitmont and Christopher Whitmont-Stein. The three rabbis are more progressive than the norm within the Judaism, and it should be noted that Judaism is not a monolithic faith any more than Christianity or Islam are.

Gay Bar Robert’s Laffitte reopened soon after Hurricane Ike blew through the area leveling much of Galveston, Texas. The bar has become a haven for the displaced with donations of food being handed out to those in need, and drinks being served to those who need them. Currently, most of the acts revolve around Tina Turner.

Diane Schroer, a transwoman and former Green Beret, won her bias case against the Library of Congress. Originally, the Library of Congress had enthusiastically offered Mr. David Schroer a job as a terrorist analyst. However, during the interview, Mr. Schroer informed the hiring committee that he was about to begin transitioning and would be taking the job full time as Diane Schroer. The Justice Department is reviewing the decision and will decide in the near future whether or not to appeal.

Actress Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City Fame won her second Emmy award for her guest appearance on Law & Order SVU. Nixon, who came out in 2004, won her previous Emmy for her work on the hit series Sex and the City. Kathy Griffin also won an Emmy for her Bravo Show My Life On The D-List.

Actor Jason Donovan of the British series Neighbors will be joining the cast of the stage musical version of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. He will be playing the part of Anthony ‘Tick’ Belrose, the character played on the big screen by Hugo Weaving.

On a rather silly note, Vermont Representative Peter Welsh, a Democrat, won the Republican Primary to face himself in the upcoming General Election. Enough Republicans wrote in Welsh’s name that he won the Republican Primary. Auditor of Accounts nominee Tom Salmon also won the Republican Primary despite being a Democrat. The Republican Party did not field any candidates for either office.

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