Lesbiatopia News Round Up

This is a new feature for our site that we are hoping to run weekly on either Friday or Saturday. What we will be covering is news that impacts the LGBTIQ community that either is too small to require its own piece or simple enough to be summed up in a paragraph.

Archbishop Tutu of the Anglican Church denounced the Church’s obsession with homosexuality last weekend in an interview with the BBC. He stated that he imagined that "God is weeping". He went on to assert that the obsession with homosexuality was damaging the Church’s ability to deal with poverty, disease, and hunger.
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Openly Gay Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson endorsed Barrak Obama for President of the United States on Wednesday. Bishop Robinson especially urged fellow gays and lesbians to vote for Obama despite any lingering support for Hilary Rodham Clinton.
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Former Tennis Star Billie Jean King also endorsed Senator Obama for President, and has lent her name to both Women for Obama and the Obama LGBT Steering and Policy Committee. King, who has been openly lesbian since 1981, considered the implications of Sarah Palin’s joining the McCain campaign and while praising her, rejected any notion of voting for Palin or McCain simply on the basis of Palin’s sex. King opposes many of Palin’s views, especially those linked to LGBT issues.
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A Monroe County Judge ruled that the Florida ban on same-sex couples adopting children was unconstitutional. The ruling from Judge David J. Audlin Jr. indicated that the ban "singles out a group for punishment." The ban, which has stood for thirty-one years, did not have much support from the Florida state government, and the Miami Herald who first ran this story noted that neither the Department of Children and Families nor the Florida Attorney General attempted to uphold the ban in court. While it will not mean that the couple who brought the lawsuit can move forward with their adoption until an appeal has been filed, it does mean that legal precedent has been set in Florida for other couples to challenge this law.
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Vermont Freedom to Marry has moved onto Myspace. The Vermont based marriage equality group hopes that by creating a Myspace page that they will be able to not only raise awareness of the fight for marriage rights in Vermont, but around the nation.
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Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan announced this week that she has officially separated her husband of eleven years Ashwin Sood. McLachlan would not comment on the reasons behind her separation from her husband beyond saying that the situation was ‘pretty gross’; however, some of her more recent songs hinted at issues within her marriage. McLachlan gained fame The couple have two children. Her album Closer will hit the stores later this year.
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Ellen DeGeneres started off the sixth season of her hit award winning show Ellen this passed week with a new studio and a new ring. DeGeneres (50) recently married long time girlfriend Portia de Rossi in a private ceremony at home. The ceremony was covered in People magazine. She received a standing ovation from her audience when she showed off her wedding ring.
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George Takai who gained fame playing Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek married his long time partner Brad Altman on 13 September. Takai and Altman have been together for twenty-one years. Walter Koenig will be the best man, and Nichelle Nichols will be the best lady. The ceremony will be a lavish affair. We wish them our best.
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While we do try to do our best, some stories may be as much as a month in crossing our desks. Alas, the sheer volume of news that has come out in the last month often means things are overlooked. Thank you.


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Thank You Rabbi

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Queers United said...

i like this short news clip idea

Paula Brooks said...

Yeah it is.... but I can't take credit for this one, Sei came up with it and I think she did a great job on her first time out

Sei said...

Thank you Paula and Queers United. I've started gathering up more news for next week. I came up with this because of the first item on the list.

And now, at least I can add in pictures too. I finally figured that one out. I'm such a luddite, but not as bad as a few profs I use to know.

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