Lohan and Ronson Courting the Conservative Double-Standard

By Lesbiatopia Feature Writer Sei

Rumors have abounded about Lindsey Lohan’s on going relationship with girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

To date, neither Lohan nor Ronson have commented upon their relationship. Ms Lohan has made it clear that she wishes to keep her private life private. While Ms Ronson has flatly refused to deny the rumors. According to some in the media, Lohan and Ronson will be finally announce their love for each other publicly in the near future at a ‘lavish LA bash.’

According to Rav Singh of News of the World, Lohan and Ronson would like to have a child, and have been in discussion for some time. Also according to Singh, Lohan hopes that having a child will help her through recovery. Lohan, 22, and Ronson, 31, have apparently discussed asking one of Lohan’s ex’s provide the requisite male contribution for the pregnancy.

For the article, please see http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/showbiz/rav/article22822.ece

O’Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh will be out in force over this story, have no doubt about that. While one could argue that having a child will not help someone recover from alcohol and drug abuse (though a loving and stable relationship will), I would lay bets that this trio of Conservative bobble heads won’t be focusing on that at all.

O’Reilly will, undoubtedly, be focusing his dirty old man mind on the images of three way sex between Lohan, Ronson and the father of their child. After all, this is something that he has shown a great deal of interest in. That, and falafels. Hannity will probably be sneering his way through comments about how same-sex couples harm children, and Limbaugh will lambaste us with his sanctimonious pomposity about how Lohan is a train wreck and a ‘good example of what being lesbian does to young people.’

They have already done a stellar job attacking Lohan and Ronson for their rumored relationship, which they wish to keep private. How often will they talk about how Lohan having a baby will corrupt the minds of young teens? And yet, not a single one has dared to question what having a pregnant teenager as part of the potential second family is going to do to encourage teen pregnancy, especially since the father of Bristol Palin’s child has publicly stated he never wants children. They have been great about how this is a private matter, and yet they have drooled like wild animals while reporting on every detail of Lindsey Lohan’s life. Miss Palin’s pre-marital sex is swept under the rug to choruses of how ‘she is doing the right thing’, and ‘isn’t she just great for marrying the father’. But for Lohan and Ronson, who have publicly expressed affection for each other, and appear to be in a strong and stabilizing relationship, their decision to have a child at some point will be resoundingly denounced. The Conservative pack will attack these two as being immoral and encouraging immorality without respect for the privacy they now ask for, and hold Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston up as paragons of morality

O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, and the throngs of paparazzi and Conservative ‘commentators’ who line up behind them, will undoubtedly make some mention about Lohan and Ronson wanting to have a child. True or not, they will leave a streak of what we can only hope is drool behind them as they run around speculating on everything. They will never think about how they are hypocrites for respecting the request of a fellow Conservative, a request that has been honored even by the Liberals, and yet ignoring the requests of others to be left in private. While it is hard to tell if the interest in this story will be because of Lohan’s stardom, or because there is a lesbian relationship wrapped in, or both, the reality is that Lohan and Ronson deserve the same privacy that we should all enjoy. If Palin and Johnston’s lives should be kept out of the spotlight, so should Lohan and Ronson’s; however, it is not likely to happen. Expect the slobbering throng of bobble-headed Conservative commentators to be all over this story. It is a woeful double-standard, and one that is lamentably damaging to both Lohan and Ronson, and one that is all too familiar for the LGBTI community.

It is lamentable that Lohan and Ronson, who seem to be so beneficial to each other, will be harassed and ridiculed by men like O’Reilly, while the relationship of Palin and Johnston is off limits.

Never mind that Bristol Palin’s pregnancy flies in the face of her mother’s, Sarah Palin, public and private morality, and that neither Lohan nor Ronson are involved in politics or policy.


Paula Brooks said...

Very good article Sei and you ask a good question.... why is it ok to invade the Lohan family privacy and not the Palins?

Anonymous said...

If you are gay, then your family is fair game to the talking heads... but if you are a religious freakazoid politician then its off limits.

ladiesinwaiting said...

Just an update -- a Lohan rep denied the baby story to Access Hollywood.


Sei said...

Paula, thank you.

Ladiesinwaiting, I actually have hope that Lohan and Ronson will wait for any kind of family until things settle down for both of them, assuming of course that they are a couple. This will still be fodder for men like O'Reilly and Limbaugh despite the denial. And it is sad, very sad.

ladiesinwaiting said...

Me too. Also, the bit in the original story about finding an ex boyfriend to provide sperm didn't ring true to me. I mean, I'm sure there are lesbians out there who have used ex boyfriend's sperm to conceive with -- but I would imagine that when it happens it's typically because an ex has transcended the role of "ex" into that of "close friend." The notion that they were trying to find some ex boyfriend, any ex boyfriend to give them sperm seemed ridiculous to me.

Paula Brooks said...

Ah so Lohan is going to do the responsible thing by waiting till she is married and has her shit together before she brings a child into the world...

Kind of like if she is actually applying what Sarah Palin is teaching...

Sei said...

I know. The story seemed a bit hollow, but the story is less what I wanted to focus on since anything that pops up about Lohan and Ronson is going to end up being fodder for the Bobble-Head Brigade. I really do hope that they are together, and that they do seem to have been a big help to each other (in researching the story, I found a very recent picture of the two and they seem much healthier).

Rachel Maddow made a great point last night (today for me, they finally updated her videos) which kept getting talked over by Pat Buchanan. The McCain-Palin campaign could have done any number of things to refute the rumors surrounding the birth of her last child, but they deliberately chose to throw Bristol Palin to the wolves, and THEN had the gall to constantly bring up her children durring the convention. If you want your children to be off limits, then they should BE off limits entirely.

Paula Brooks said...

I have been saying that all along... ii mean her first time out she wanted everyone to see what a great mommy she was... it was the first image we got of her... not so good after all I guess huh?

Sei said...

Right now, they've had a huge boost between Palin and the Convention, but I don't see it lasting. Believe it or not, the indications are that Palin's turning off more women than are supporting her, especially in Appilacia. Too many women there are struggling to survive and don't like someone who won't address the issues that are effecting them.

Paula Brooks said...

Oh yeah is is a guys dream... she looks good, likes guns and stands a respectful 2 steps behind her man... I mean she is like a pin up for them.

Sei said...

Well, despite the uproar concerning Trig and all the rumors, there are some growing ethical issues that Gov. Palin is going to have to start addressing like charging the state of Alaska for travel time when she was at home.

But, yeah, they want us all to vote for the boobs and don't realize that she may have pissed more people off than they like. New Hampshire was leaning McCain because they all thought he was Pro-Choice. So. . .he gains three electoral votes in Alaska and looses four in NH?

Nick Silver, a statistical analist has stated that he believes that there is a growing likelihood that Obama will win the Electoral College, but loose the popular vote the same way Bush did in 2000. Time will tell, however.

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