On Our 3 Year Anniversary: A Poem & Pictorial

Today, September 17, 2008, marks the three-year-anniversary of Renee and I. There has been laughter, tears, fights, make-up sex, lots more laughter, more silliness than I can count and more happiness than I can put into words. We've moved across the country, we've made new friends, we've adopted 4 cats and a dog, we've taken road trips, gone on vacation, started a business, redecorated our apartment umpteen times, we've been broke and even gone a little crazy at times, but the best part of all is we've done it together. You are my best friend, my partner-in-crime and most importantly, the love of my life. Here's to three incredible years and hopefully many more!

How do you measure three years?

3 years

On such a night when the air drifts by like a zephyr
And crickets chirp in unison like a thousand violins
I feel a certain presence that I've never felt before
So the mockingbird sings its nightly siren song
And as I wait with baited breath for something grand
I hear a knock and there's a stranger at my door.

36 months

And there she stands where no fierce light disturbs
Captivated in an instant and without further ado
I want to transport myself into her time zone
I am the genie and her wish is my command
Yet I find myself as mute as a dummy in Puppetville
But I have the distinct feeling I'm no longer alone

156 weeks

This is something too high for syllables to speak
When body electricity surges from head to toe
And her lips meet mine in perfect sync
And I see a lifetime in an instant personified
And I feel like the mighty Aphrodite on a pedestal
Her kiss makes it unmanageable for me to think!

1,095 days

Words are poignant yet meek to express emotion
Each day I'm floating in a vacuum of potent intimacies
Every ounce of my being is poured into this bond
Yes she crawled out from the ashes of my desires
Sweeping away all my fears and insecurities
With an unconventional beauty that derives from beyond

26,280 hours

I've been blessed with ESP because I can see my future
She is standing by my side 80 years from now
With cats and sunny afternoons spent dreaming
Under warm blankets with foggy memories of past
And each day my heart grows still and bigger and bolder
Like a ray of light straight to the prism I'm beaming

1,576,800 minutes

So after all the tests and tribulations of love
The question remains, how are three years measured?
Maybe it is measured with time and quantitative trials
My guess is that it's measure by wordless glances
And soulful exchanges which in an instance say
Love can best be measured by your smiles

9,4608,000 seconds

-Renee Gannon


Sei said...

Happy Anniversary and many many more.

Sinnerviewer said...

Awww! That is so sweet. Congrats to you ladies. Sending my wishes for many more happy years together.


Renee Gannon said...

Thank you for your kind words, you ladies are the best!

Tina-cious.com said...

Congrats!!! I can't wait to get home (and from behind this firewall) so I can see the pics! :)

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary Renee squared.. what a poet you are, RG!

Anonymous said...

I think that love is best measure by the minutes lost in soulful glances, when words are best spoken in whispers, and hearts beat just a little faster.....I love you sweetie. Happy 3 years! and.....thank you =)

teach said...

i love you guys, you have been a huge and fun part of my life since i moved here. fight for love, its the only fight where a victory will truly last. i hope we will be celebrating a 10 year anniversary together in 7 years...

thewishfulwriter said...


That poem made me cry. It's so beautiful. And so perfect.

It makes me wonder how anyone can deny the love you two share.


The Professor said...

RG, you are such an incredible poet. I'm starting a fan club. We'll start a petition to get your works studied in American lit classes across the country!

Ladies, you are our best couple friends. I really want us to be BCFs for a long time. xoxo

Kathy S. said...

Hi you two! This was so beautiful that I started an emotional meltdown before I even got to the poem. You have a relationship which I admire and justifies my optimism about women! Renee, thanks so much for keeping in touch and always treating me feel like a close friend! You're terrific!