Sarah Palin Stars in Several Controversial Movies

With the coming elections and all the hullabaloo surrounding Sarah Palin and her numerous hypocrisies, Lesbiatopia has been doing quite a bit of research on her. Being an Obama supporter and advocate, anything we can dig-up on her and share with the world is a bonus in our book. In our recent research efforts, we have made a shocking new discovery. Sarah Palin is starring in several controversial movies, which will be released throughout the month of September 2008 despite the on-going censorship efforts of the McCain/Palin Campaign.

Allegedly, Palin was filmed in these movies before she realized she was going to be nominated for the vice presidency and has since tried to pay off the Motion Picture Association of America and most of Hollywood in an attempt to prevent distribution to local theaters. The story has since been leaked first-hand to Lesbiatopia, who has learned that not only will the movies be released on a national scale, but they will be played on a large screen on the White House lawn on opening night. Tickets are currently being auctioned off to raise money for Obama's campaign.

Lesbiatopia was lucky enough to get their hands on digital copies of the Sarah Palin movie posters which we have graciously decided to share with you first hand. Here they are.

And now a message from Sarah Palin:
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Don't get the wrong idea, though, we not only don't like Palin, but we really don't like McCain either. In case you forgot or had a short lapse in memory, let me remind you with 7 easy-to-remember reasons:

1. McCain will continue President Bush's belligerent foreign policy

2. McCain has endorsed the failed Bush economic policies that are destroying the middle class, causing jobs to go overseas and pushing homeowners into foreclosure.

3. McCain is America's "Number One Neocon" with direct ties to Bill Kristol's rightwing extremist organization, Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

4. During the 2008 campaign, McCain showed he lacked the necessary integrity to be commander-in-chief by flip-flopping on major issues -- most grievously about IRS income tax rates.

5. He promised in February 2008 not run a negative campaign. Then, five months later, rather than discuss important issues like global warming, high energy prices and rising unemployment, McCain unleashed a scurrilous, Karl Rove-style attack on Barack Obama's character.

6. McCain distorted his so-called heroic POW record and exploited it for political gain.

7. Finally, Senator McCain's first important decision as a presidential candidate showed bad judgment on his part by selecting unqualified Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a "one heartbeat away" commander-in-chief.

The views, opinions and political cartoons expressed in this article are those of the author are written in a satirical nature (but pretty much express how i feel about this candidate)


Tina-cious.com said...

pvvvvvvvvvvvvvt -- You're nuts! LOL

Margo Moon said...

What a scoop!

Looking at those swell, authentic posters, I can just smell the popcorn and feel the glide of artificial butter all over my fingers.

Hope they're silent films, though. That woman's voice could curdle Maalox.

Sei said...


I thought this was very witty. I enjoyed reading through it, and seeing all those posters.

Hahn at Home said...

Very nice work. I don't get out much, I had missed these, but now, well, I am Netflixing my heart out!

Jason Hughes said...

LOL! Those were great!

dante2810 said...

Satire.... one of our rights in this country :)

sexyboy said...

i personally think it is really sexy and cool that she hunts. i like a woman who can handle a gun. its pretty fuckin rad. but then again, i think that hunting is a sport, and the way the wolf hunters were being paid off for shooting from the sky, thats not a sport, thats not even population control. thats just wrong.

VRMHugs1957 said...

I love satire, and this sort that cuts not just to but through the bone right to the marrow is WONDERFUL!

No on Props 2 and 8

Obama and Biden in 08

Virginia Rae

Ma'amselle Lezident said...

sexyboy--I know, right? Typically I would love a woman pumping breast milk with one hand and pumping an AK47 with the other, but I just can't love this one.

gianfalco said...

Scoop! Sarah Palin has a sister in Italy: see photo.

Toi Boi said...

Chortle..... Snort...

pretty good