8 Against 8: Day 2, Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names

Well, it's day 2 of 8 Against 8, and we are more successful than any of us could have imagined. As of 11am EST/8am PST we've already raised $4,264!!! If you do the math, that means we're already half-way to our goal of $8,000 and it's only the second the day. It just goes to show what can happen when a few overly ambitious lesbians put their minds together; it's all kinds of amazing!

Of course, we couldn't do it without your help. Everyone has been so generous in donating their time, efforts, money and spreading of awareness like cream cheese to a bagel. The generosity is so delicious I can practically taste it! Because of you, there is a very high chance that I will be able to legally marry my girlfriend and that, my friends, is the one gift that keeps on giving. So THANK YOU!!!

Also, if you have Facebook, please check out the 8 Against 8 Facebook page, become a fan and spread the word. We’ve made the news on some blogs with significant readership including Gaywired, AfterEllen, Shakesville, Bilerico, The L Word Online, mainstream rtumble, and many others. Let's keep the ball rolling!

Also, our own Lori Hahn, of Hahn at Home was quoted in the The Sacramento Bee by Jennifer Garza in a story about a Sacramento-area lesbian couple, Dru and Robin Richie and their son James, about what Prop 8 means to them. Check it out, it's good stuff!

Now we know California is a big state and gets a lot of attention for Proposition 8, but there are several other states that deserve equal amounts of recognition and love. Arizona is fighting Prop 102 – and they need your help. Florida has to contend with fighting of Amendment 2. And just recently, opponents have sponsored Question 1 a very dangerous ballot initiative in Connecticut which has the potential to reverse the rights of their recent victory for same-sex marriage. I really want to be able to see my good blogging friends Jess and Tina be able to get married. They ALL need our help too!

So once again, we say THANK YOU to everyone who has donated in some way.
Thank you for standing with us to support freedom, fairness and equality.

(If you are a member of the press, or if you have press contacts, the most recent press release is here.)

As an incentive (and a thank you), we would like to offer advertising space on our blogs to business entities and bloggers who donate to this fundraising effort.

The blogs giving away advertising in this effort are high-traffic blogs, and each blog reaches a different market segment.

Pam’s House Blend - highly influential and prominent political/activist blog

Grace The Spot - humor/pop culture

Sugarbutch Chronicles - love, sex, relationships, queer and gender theory

Lesbiatopia - one stop shop for news, entertainment, fashion, politics

The Lesbian Lifestyle - general lesbian interest, one of the hubs of the online lesbian community

If you donate $100, you get a week-long ad at Pam’s House Blend, Grace the Spot, The Lesbian Lifestyle and Sugarbutch Chronicles. This amounts to 150,000 ad impressions.

If you donate $500, you get a month-long ad at Pam’s House Blend and Lesbiatopia. This amount to 550,000 ad impressions.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR EMAIL WHEN YOU DONATE via the donation page (or else you won’t get a confirmation e-mail) and send one of us your confirmation email to get your ad spaces.

Our e-mails are as follows: pam[at]phblend.com (Pam’s House Blend), gracethespot[at]gmail.com (Grace the Spot), aspiringstud[at]gmail.com (Sugarbutch Chronicles), goldstardyke[at]gmail.com (The Lesbian Lifestyle), reneegannon[at]gmail.com (Lesbiatopia).


  • Renee from Lesbiatopia will be giving away a The Only Bush I Don’t Like t-shirt, in addition to advertising space, to anyone that donates $500 or more. Please e-mail her directly to collect the t-shirt.
  • Kelly at The Lesbian Lifestyle will be offering a free My Heart is not for you to Judge T-shirt to the first 5 people that donate over $150.00 and forward her their confirmation email.
  • Pam’s House Blend: If you donate $500 or more, in addition to advertising space, you get a Pam’s House Blend T-shirt and mug. Please forward your e-mail Pam to collect the T-shirt and mug.
  • Hahn at Home: Anyone donating $100 or more through Hahn at Home will receive a Hahn at Home coffee mug. Please e-mail lori[at]hahnathome.com to collect the coffee mug.
  • This Girl Called Automatic Win: Anyone who sends Riese a photo for the No on 8 Quilt and/or donates to 8 Against 8 and forwards her his or her confirmation e-mail will be entered in a drawing to win fun prizes. Prizes include, and are not limited to, The L Word Season 5 DVD and Auto Insomnia ‘Zine. Riese can be reached at marielyn176[at]gmail.com

Thank you again for your support.

Grace Chu and Grace Rosen - Grace The Spot
Lori Hahn - Hahn At Home
Kelly Leszczynski - The Lesbian Lifestyle
Dorothy Snarker - Dorothy Surrenders
Pam Spaulding - Pam's House Blend
Sinclair - Sugarbutch Chronicles
Riese - This Girl Called Automatic Win
Renee Gannon - Lesbiatopia


Queers United said...

woot! here is to 8 million! ok, yeah im ambitious/ridiculous

Joni.T said...

Great idea! Best wishes from lesbian activists from Germany!

Congratulations, what a wonderful idea!
Networking publicly makes us perfectly wonderful visible!
We European lesbians will hopefully come to learn about such cooperation.

Information about the campaign is provided both on my blog L-talk, and on my partner's, Konny's, site lesben.org, Germany's most popular lesbian portal in order to spread information as far as possible.

All over the world the "NO ON 8" activism is being recognized by a lot of people, particularly by those who share your aims whole-heartedly. We, too, welcome your work directed towards lesbian political empowerment and more peaceful visibility for lesbians in our everyday lives.
We hope you will win the voting!

If there's anything you'd wish us to do to support 8against8, please let us know.