8 Against 8 - Day 3

-- Lori Hahn

$6,054. Can I just say how amazing you all are? We've had one donor who gave $500 and several who have given over $100. Lots have donated other amounts, which are all building towards our overall goal of $8,000 by the 27th. Thank you.

And, thanks to Lesbiatopia's Renee Gannon and all our other cohorts in queerness for their continuing outreach!

8 Against 8

If you Google “8 Against 8″ you can see that this effort has spread all over the country. People who aren’t directly affected have reached into their pockets to help us defeat his discriminatory measure that ELIMINATES the right to same-sex marriage.

I read a blog the other day that made me kind of mad. The blogger was saying there is apathy in our ranks. That we aren’t putting in, as a group, the real effort to effect change. That somehow we all had to be Stonewall rioters or we wouldn’t succeed. I beg to differ. We are offered, because of the Harvey Milk’s, the Stonewall rioters, and other trailblazers the ability to rally for our cause in a million different, quieter ways if we choose. But, he had a point - if we want rights, we have to want them enough to fight for them - whether it’s donating for ad dollars, writing letters to the editor, organizing protests, or whatever method we feel we can offer the most help. It’s about rights - we have no right to complain if we do nothing. If you haven’t posted about 8 Against 8 on your blog, I hope you will!

Causecast has created an amazingly inspirational video in support of No on PROP 8 based on Harvey Milk's "You Cannot Live On Hope Alone" speech.

A reminder too, for all of you working California voters - your employer must give you time to vote. They are also required to post a notice to that effect at your place of employment. There is NO excuse for not getting to the polls on November 4th.

So do something. Donate. Share. Vote NO on Prop 8. Because that’s what it’s all about, your vote.




deborah oak said...

thanks for this great idea and action. My partner and I are getting married on November 2nd and are registered with against prop. 8.

thank you.

Bren Ryder said...

Great work!

I would love to donate a DVD of "The Best of GoodDykePorn.com" to give for a high donation or however you'd like to use it to raise money.