From Meme to You

I lifted this from Earth2Karen who lifted it from Sassy who lifted it from Tina:

I am : broke but still consider myself happy by enjoying the simple things in life.

I think : if everyone had a pet to love, the world would be a happier place

I know : way to much useless trivia

I want : to go back-packing through Europe before I turn 30.

I have : the best family in the world

I wish : I worked for myself

I hate : manipulative people

I miss : New England because that is where my true home will always be

I fear : that my shitty credit score is going to kick me in the ass later on in life

I hear : really cheesy 80's music from my bedroom where my girlfriend is cleaning the floors in her bathing suit.

I smell : Ocean Breeze Fabuloso all over my apartment

I crave : my Mom's homemade chicken noodle soup

I seek : a longer weekend

I wonder : when this heat wave is going to end

I regret : jumping to conclusions rather than thinking things through

I love : my beautiful girlfriend

I ache : when I drive long distances thanks to a rugby injury in college that caused me to have Sciatica in my right leg/hip

I was not : going to dye my hair again but now I am a brunette as of last night

I am not : as athletic as I used to be, or maybe I'm just out of shape and practice

I cry : at sappy movies

I believe : that there is a good in everyone, deep down

I dance : like a black man trapped in a white girls body

I sing : to pretty much everything

I read : dark humor and mostly fiction

I don't always : spend my money wisely in the grocery store, especially when shopping on an empty stomach

I fight : less than I used to

I write : whatever's on my mind at any given moment

I win : a lot. I'm competitive as a motherf*cker

I lose : poorly

I never : go to bed angry

I always : give people the benefit of the doubt

I confuse : the names of the Gosselin sextuplets on John & Kate Plus 8

I listen : to my heart, always

I can usually be found : at the beach

I am scared : of heights

I need : good food, good company and 8 hours of sleep a night

I am happy : because I have four beautiful kitties, 1 sweet dog and an amazing girlfriend to come home to every day


Labrysia said...

A gorgeous status list! I'm going to lift it...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Loved the part where your gf was cleaning the floors in her swimsuit while listening to 80s music :o) How cute is that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karen, that is so cute! I love John & Kate plus 8, what a great show.

thewishfulwriter said...

You and Apes will have to talk rugby and blood and injuries and stuff.

I went to my first rugby game last year and was horrified that in the first minute, a girl went down (blood/broken nose) and everyone kept playing around her. I was like "TIME! Call TIME!"

I thought April was going to kill me. She had to explain that the girl could be dying on the field and the game wouldn't stop until the "appropriate time".

Hard core. You rugby girls!