Hott 4 Hill 2 - My Presidential Love Song

If you guys don't remember, there was a video circling around the internet during the time when Hillary was vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination. It was called "Hott 4 Hill" and it was created by a girl named Taryn Southern who's really making a name for herself on the internet. Plus, she's quite the hottie too. Well, Taryn is at it again with another round of presidential love... and here's a message from Taryn herself:

"We're less than three weeks away from the BIG election.

You may remember an internet video I posted last year called Hott 4 Hill (yes, the lesbian one).

For the past year, I said I wouldn't make a follow-up...but...I couldn't help it! What can I say, Palin "inspired" me.

SO - whether you're Gaylin' for Paylin, Bi for Biden, Mad for McCain, or maybe you just have a good 'ol-fashioned Crush on Obama...I hope you enjoy the vid, and of course, don't forget to vote this Nov. 4th!!

And in honor of Hillary's pantsuits, that's all folks."


Becky C. said...

Oh thank you so much--I hadn't seen that, and I was such a fan of Hot4Hill--this ones even more luscious, delicious--whatever.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the video. Thanks.