Lesbian Book Review: New Moon by Stephanie Myer

I never wrote a review for a sequel before. I found it to be a bit of a challenge. How do you say something without revealing anything? I didn't want to forewarn people with "spoiler alerts". Through a little research I learned that many other sequel reviews tend to disclose too much. So, without further ado, without doing too much divulging, here is my take on part 2 of the Twilight series...


by Stephenie Myer

In book two of the Twilight saga, again through Bella's eyes, you get more involved with Edward's complex family, the Cullens. Like any good girlfriend, Bella becomes a part of the household. A sudden turn of events smacks the reality of the long term dangers and disadvantages of vampire-human relations to Edward, Bella and all directly involved. Bella promptly finds herself alone to fend for herself in a desolate state to deal with the intensity of this surreal world fate has handed her. Along the way she rekindles an old friendship and deeply develops a kinship with Jacob Black who we discover has his own dark secret. He is the complete opposite of Edward Cullen. The "Paris" to her "Romeo". Bella's introduction to a new family, culture, way of life, and even more mythology complicates the whole story to new heights. Unfortunetly, Bella's whininess reaches new heights as well, although I can relate to her pain over a relationship to a certain extent. Personally, I find myself having a soft spot for Jacob, even more so than Edward, the young Prince of Darkness himself. In "Twilighter" culture, as it's now known, fans are divided into two clans, "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob". As of right now, I'm officially part of "Team Jacob". Bella, however, ultimately finds herself torn between three worlds, Edward's, Jacob's, and our frail little human world.

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