Lesbian Fashion: Appreciating Women In and Out of Their Clothes - Liz Collins

I was asked to write a piece on fall fashion trends for lesbians across the spectrum, but upon reflection I've determined it's all about the way you wear the clothes, not exactly the type and style of clothing that make a look. Femme girls in a t-shirt still look girly and soft and a rockabilly girl in the same shirt will still make me swoon with rolled up sleeves and slicked back hair...

So instead I looked to Lesbian Fashion Designers and was reintroduced to Liz Collins.

She had a top fashion line from 2000-04 and currently teaches fashion.

She said this about her desire to design:

"I find women's bodies perpetually inspiring. Not that men's bodies
can't be beautiful - I enjoy the human structure, but i love the female form and queer womens bodies is what inspires me." - Liz Collins
Plus, her aesthetic combines some of my favorite things: bondage and super heroes.


Annie said...

seeing a hot superhero chick all tied up sounds delightful to me!!!!!

Ma'amselle Lezident said...

"Joe the Plumber" has totally brought jumpsuits into style for this season, which I love: